Names and synonyms of the place: Just after the river Ganga, another most important and popular river in India is Yamuna. There is a good emphasis of Goddess or Maa Yamuna is Hindu mythology. YamunotriIt is an approximate figure of 3,293 meters when it comes to the altitude from the ground. People visiting Garhwal Himalayas have to travel a distance of 30 km towards the north of Uttarkashi. One has to travel a distance of around 30 kilometers in order to visit the place.

This place is also part of one of the important place of Chhota Char Dam. If the pilgrimage find difficult to cover the char dham circles, the best way would be to cover chota char dham. Actually the temple is only reachable by 13 Kms climb from the Hanuman Chatti and 6 Kms walk from Janki Chatti. Palanquins and horses are accessible for rent. The trekking from hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri is very charming with beautiful sights of many waterfalls.

Place: The Yamunotri is the place of Gharwal Himalayas. This is also a division of Uttarakhand in India. This is the place where people would find Goddess or Maa Yamuna. The frozen ice as well as glacier which is specifically known as Champasar Glacier is having its location base at Kanlind Mountain. This mountain has got a height of 4,421 meter above the sea level. Due to the extreme height as well as bad weather condition, the shrines are been placed at the bottom of the hill.

Only very fit people can visit this temple and offer puja. Due to the bad weather condition people are not in a position to visit the place and stay for long.

Description: The sacred temple of Yamunotri has been constructed at the bank of river Yamuna. The Yamunotri temple opens on the Akshaya Tritiya, i.e. in May. It closes on Yama Dwitiya which is the 2nd day after Diwali, i.e. in November.

This major construction had been laid down by Tehri Garhwal's Maharaja Pratap shah. The deity in the temple is made up of black stone. Yamunotri The Yamuna River has got the status of divine mother of Hindu mythology. The river and goddess have been known to have contributed a lot with regards to the civilization of people as well as nurturing and developing various activities in them . Yamunotri

Interesting facts about the place: People will also enjoy the hot water spring located just close to the temple. There are 2 hotp spring nearby.

The most important kund situated over here is known as surya kund. People must see a shila known as divya shila just near the kund. Gauri Kund contains moderately warm water which is ideal for bathing.

Before the puja been offered to deity, this divya shila is worshiped with full devotion as well as prayer. Preparation of rice and potato is done by the debotees of this powerful temple. Lodging facility is very limited. Only few small ashrams and guest houses are there.