Relationship with Spouse in Astrology

Married Life is one’s most important part of life. A happy conjugal relationship with spouse can provide someone happiness like heaven. The 7th house is considered the house of marriage, spouse and compatibility. Hence it is checked to determine what kind of spouse a person will have.

The placements of different planets give different results. If the Moon is placed in the 7th house, then the spouse will be sweet spoken and an invert. The placement of the Sun in 7th house, indicates a spouse who is really fond of his or her parents. The position of Mars in 7th house provides the spouse a bad temperament.

If Mercury is placed in 7th house, the spouse may be good in communicative skills. Jupiter in 7th house suggests an ideal wife. It also makes her religious. The person will be respectful to everybody and she maintains the house in a proper manner. If Venus presents in the 7th house, the spouse may be on the heavy side, but still she will be very beautiful. This spouse will not prove to be a good spouse.

If Saturn in placed in a good position in the 7th house, then the Spouse is pious, if not, then the spouse may have health problems and if afflicted, it suggests a much older spouse.

Relationship with Spouse in Astrology
Astrologically, a married life will be successful, if the 7th lord is friendly with Lagna lord. It will not be friendly in case of the following combinations. The combinations are Libra and Aries; Taurus and Scorpio. In such cases it will be neutral.
This is possible because Aries and Scorpio are governed by Mars while Libra and Taurus are governed by Venus. Both the planets signify of a happy married life. Therefore we see a successful married life. All couples always tend to make fights and don’t like at least one thing about their spouse.

There are some astrology planetary combinations which can result in a successful marriage relationship. If the 7th lord exalts in the Kendra houses, if the Jupiter is placed in the 7th house, if the Arudh lord and Upadad lord are placed at mutual angles, if Jupiter is placed second to the Upadad, if Jupiter and Moon are placed in the 7th house from the Kakamsha, if Venus exalts or is in its own house in any house other than the 7th or if the 7th lord is Venus and is a good combination with the 7th from house in Navamsha, then a happy marriage is guaranteed.

Another thing an astrologer checks is the length the relationship can last up to. This longevity in relationship must especially be long or the union may end in either of the couple becoming a widow. And last but not the least, the physical attraction between both the charts should be strong for a happy married life.