Baby Names belongs to Sathabishta nakshatra

Baby Names belongs to Sathabishta nakshatra are listed here...

Baby NameMeaning
BlyssJoy: cheer. Used from medieval times.
BrysFrom Brys
ChrysFollower of Christ; A Form of Chris
GoLord; Lord Krishna; Smart
GoathHis touching; his roaring
GobCistern, grasshopper.
GobardhanLord Krishna
GobboThe Merchant of Venice' Launcelot Gobbo, a clown, servant to Shylock. Also Old Gobbo, Launcelot's father.
GobhaA smith
GobhanuKing of Cattle
GobhilA Sanskrit scholar
GobiHappy; Happy of Child
GobikaaWoman of Gokulam Roaming Around Krishna
GobindThe cow finder
GobindaCowherd, Lord Krishna
GobinderLord of the king
GobinderjeetVictory of the Lord
GobinderjotLight of the Lord
GobindraiGodly Prince
GobinetIrish form of Abigail bringsjoy
GobnaitIrish form of Abigail bringsjoy
GobnatIrish form of Abigail bringsjoy
GobrwyLegendary son of Echel Pierced Thighs.
GodaOne who Gives Cows
GodaavareeGreat River
GodafridAn Old German name derived from words meaning 'god' and 'peace'.
GodalupeReference to the Virgin Mary
GodanaMale child
GodardGod-hard; God Strong
GodavariRiver Godavari; River Godavari in India; Sacred river of India
GodavriA river
GoddardHard spear
GoddessDurga; A Delightful Goddess

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