Baby Names belongs to Muslim origin

Baby Names belongs to Muslim origin are listed here...

Baby NameMeaning
Aabanname of the angel
AabdarBright, Like glass
AabidWorshipper of God
AabidahWorshipper, Devotee
AabirahFleeting, Transitory, Ephemeral
AabishLucky (Daughter of a king, Queen of iran)
AadabHope and need
AadamVariant of Adam: The Biblical Adam is the English language equivalent.
AadeelVariant of Aadil: Just.
AadheenObedient, Submissive
AadhilHonorable judge, Justice, Righteous
AadilaHonesty, Just, Upright, Justice
AaeedahVisiting, Returning, Reward
AaeeshaLife, full of life.
AafiaVigor, Good health, Well being
AafiyaVigor, Good health, Well being
AafreedaVariant of Afreda: Created. Produced.
AaftabThe Sun, Sunlight, Brilliance
AaghaPre-eminent, Master, Chief, Elder brother, Another name for God
AaghaaVariant of Agha: Master. Owner.
AahanaFirst rays of the sun
AairahNoble, Respectful
AaishaLife, Vivaciousness, Living prosperous, Women life
AakiAutum, Bright
AakifGiven Attached.
AakifahIntent, Busy, Devoted, Dedicated
AalaShe who hunts and heals
AalamRuler; king; the whole world; World. Universe.
AaleeSublime, Lofty, High, Tall
AaleyahThe greatest gift of God.; Variant of Aleyah: Exalted. Highest social standing.
AaliSublime, Lofty, High, Tall, Excellent, Noble
AaliaExalted; Highest social standing,Excellent,big

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