Kundlai - Janam Kundli

Janam Kundali is a table which comes into view as 2 dimensional figures which is carrying out the placement of the planet Sun (Surya), the planet Moon (Chandra) and the planets (Grahas)at the exact time of a native’s birth.

In the native janam kundali, the grahas (planets) are unmoving at the primary moment. This kind of janam kundali is well known as the graph of a resident or origin chart. The exact understandings of the birth location expose the hand which has been contract in the life of an individual.

A janam kundali never executes how one’s hand is behaving. It does disclose general tendencies which one has to adore with, which issues one will face and how to solve those troubles. Jyotishi may give astonishing keys to make out. In spite of that it does not give one plain and simple reply for any kind of difficulties which one will face.

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If you know the janam kundali of other person then you will judge him in better way. You may study him or make out him precisely along with much better patience. Now we describe about janam kundali in details :

Janam Kundali

Janam Kundali or Kundli is a very popular tern used in India which means one’s birth chart which holds all the planets, stars on the zodias as per the birth time of the native. This information on Janam Kundali or Kundli is used by a vedic Indian astrologer to predict the persons nature, luck, future, and almost each aspects in his/her life. Astrologer also provided remedy or guide on one's Janam Kundali or Kundli, if anything is required as per Indian Astrology.

Where to Generate Free Janam Kundali or Kundli?

You can Go to the Birth Data Entry Page here to To Generate Your Free Janam Kundali or Kundli Here...
Moonasto brings you Kundali or Kundli in North Indian, East Indian or South Indian Style.

You also get the basic information like, planetary positions, sun sign, moon sign, birth star, etc. You get a detail prediction in plain English along with result due to your ascendant, moon sign etc in Janam Kundali or Kundli here.

All the list of major Yogas are calculated and displayed in Janam Kundali or Kundli . Also all the planets with their strengths and descriptions are also given. Vimsottori dasa is listed for 100+ years. This is very helpful to determine current situation in one’s life.

Moreover, in Janam Kundali or Kundli We provide Free Recommendation based on Gemstone.

What in new in MoonAstro Janam Kundali or Kundli ?

MoonAstro brings for the First time on net a Gemstone based recommendation that an experienced astrologer only can provide. Our automated result is most accurate and can be used by an individual or an astrologer to avoid any human errors in recommendation.

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Hope this report will be helpful to you and We wish you all the best from Moon Astrology Family.

Janam kundli is the astrological calculation on the basis of the planets in the specific time of your birth. The positions of the planets in your birth time are very important to form your luck and life. MoonAstro provides 50 pages of Free Kundli on the basis of individual birth details.  The Janam Kundli consists with 32 segments. This free astrology contains Basic Charts through which you will able to know about your Lagna or Ascendant Chart.  To generate the Free online kundali you need to fill the proposed form with all your necessary details, like your Name with proper spelling, your correct Birth Time, your Birth Country, Your Birth Location and definitely right Date of your Birth. After putting all the details you need to select the birth chart style. You need to select either North Indian Style or South Indian Style or East Indian Style.  Now you can Generate your Kundli which is completely free, provided by MoonAstro Astrologers.

 The first section of the Free Kundali is Basic Details. From this section you will get an overall detail. You will know your Moon Sign, your Sun Sign, your Gana, your Lagna. Basic all information are available in the page. The details about the various Planets are the next segment of the Free Janam Kundli section.  The placements of the planets in your birth chart in time of your birth are displayed here. From this section you will get idea about the strongest and weakest planets in your birth chart. This is calculated on the basis of Vedic astrology. Which planet is aspected by which planet or planets are also informed in this section. The possible descriptive details are also in the section. This description is based on the planetary positions in your birth chart. If you want to know about the whole life prediction, this is also present in the Janam Kundali which is presented through MoonAstro. Whole Life Prediction comes as the next part of the Free Online Janam Kundali of MoonAstro.  The entire part is also divided into few sub sections, like your family life, your health, your physical feature, your character, your education, profession.  As this is the descriptive part, this is easily understandable to everyone. Hope this part meets the usefulness of your requirement.

The list of Yogas is the nest part of this Free kundli. This is another important section of the free horoscope. From here you will able to know about the name of various Yogas and their effects in your life. This section also makes you aware by informing you that which planets are responsible to make the particular yogas in your birth chart and what are the concerned effects of those particular positions and combinations. Love Compatibility is that section from where you will come to know about the best and worst love compatibility for you. Your nature of love is also indicated here.  Love, Romance, physical desire all depends on the position of Lord of 7th House. This is calculated on the basis vedic astrology. So from Romance Prediction part you can get idea about the above mentioned features in your life. The next sector is Health Prediction. This is very true that Health is wealth. So, we should always very much aware about the condition of our health and we should necessary actions to make our health sound and proper. From this part, you will get idea about your predictive health condition and this will be entirely based on the vedic astrology or moon sign astrology. As health is the most important thing in our life, MoonAstro team makes the section with extra care and extra information which even out of astrological thing. Apart from the astrological part, from this section provides you about your food chart which makes you healthy. What to Eat and What not to Eat is the added information for our viewers. Personality Prediction will draw your attention as the next segment. From this section you get info about your personality details as per astrology prediction. This descriptive part makes sense as this is based on an astrological calculation.

Career Prediction is somewhat very important aspect for those people who are really concerned about their career. Vedic Astrological Prediction will show your career prospective and this part also shows you the relevant remedies if there is any loop in your astrological part. These astrological solutions may help you to improve your career prospect to some extent. Education is the back bone of every one. So education is very important for a person. Astrological prediction can help you to depict an overall educational career. Education Prediction is the next section of this Free Kundli report. If business is your dream, if you wish to make your money through business, you need to know the profitable field to invest your time and money to grow in the field of business. MoonAstro Free Kundali section will help you to get a vivid idea about your business luck. Through this report you will know whether you are born for business or not, it means whether business will be profitable for you or not. This Business Prediction part of the free horoscope report also conveys the right business filed for you. So, this will be very helpful for you. In addition, the free online free kundli report also suggests you the possible astrological solution to enhance your business or even to make a proper set up for your new business. This will be helpful for you. Finance Prediction is the next part of this free horoscope section. Through the help of Hora Chart MoonAstro will predict the financial prediction in your life. This will be completely based upon the birth information which is provided by you. Through this prediction you will know what are the probable sources of your finance in your life, as well as how will be the flow of money in your life time. What will be the beneficial for you, either business or job. These will be predicted though this free kundali report. The presence of Manglik Yoga and Kaalsarp Yoga in your birth chart are also the matter of prediction. If you have the presence of these Manglik Yoga and Kaal Sarp yoga,that will be specified in your horoscope and the probabale astrological solutions will be present in those parts. Family Relationship is the next part of the free horoscope section. Through this part the family bonding through various aspects will be depicted in this part. Your relationship with parents, relationship with your siblings, relationship with your spouse, relationship with others are covered in this prediction. This prediction is based on the vedic astrology. The complete table of Sade Sathi will be displayed in the Sadesathi Prediction section. Duration of sadesathi in your life will be presented in terms of chart. This is very helpful because everyone is concerned about their sade sathi period. During this period the person need to learn a lot. This phase is called the phase of learning and grooming.

The next one is Gochar Phal or Transit Report. Through this report you will bale to know about the daily planetary position in your birth chart. And this conveys that how will be your days in terms of the planetary position. So this changes accordingly. All Chart section is another important part of the Vedic horoscope of MoonAstro. 18 various charts are present in the page. These charts are called Divisional Charts. Through these charts you will get the specific details of various sides of your horoscope. This will include Lagna Chart, Hora Chart or Wealth or Family chart, Sibling and Nature Chart, House Chart, Children Chart, Longevity Chart, Relationship Chart, Professional Chart, Flow of Income Chart, Parent Chart, Vehicle, Travel and Comfort Chart, Spiritual Chart, Educational Chart, Strength and Weakness Chart, Bad Luck Chart, Mental Legacy Chart, Parental Legacy Chart and the Past Birth Chart. Through the Divisional Charts you may get the detailed analysis of your personal horoscope. Apart from these sections there are few more sections in this free kundli section and these are equally important to know your astrological strength. This rest includes Vimshottari Dasha, Vimshottari Prediction, Prastharashtakvarga Table, LalKitab Prediction and Remedy and others. Annual Report is also there. From this report you will know how will be the present year for you in every aspect. The Lal Kitab Prediction and Remedies are very popular among the users as this provides homely remedies to improve and recover your birth chart problems. The most important part of moonAstro Free kundli is the Gem Stone Recommendations. In this part you will get the list of necessary and required gem stone names for you and this is completely calculated on the basis of your personal birth details.


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