Kamdev Yantra

There are many people in the society who face the dissatisfaction of physical desire from his or her partner. Even after marriage people cannot fulfill the physical desire of his or her partner. This is the major cause of extra marital affairs as well as breakup of countless relationships. A relationship is healthy and long lasting if a proper sequence of mental and physical satisfaction is equipped with the couple.
Kamdev Yantra
Due to planetary positions there is a problem for a few individuals in attaining a proper physical desire fulfilled by the partners. But today astrologers and science provides people with a scope of getting rid of this particular problem. Kamdev Yantra is a popular one through which people can fulfill their physical happiness and bring a satisfaction and fulfillment in their married life.

Kamdev Yantra is also used for attracting an individual you love. You can easily hang or place the Yantra in your bedroom, behind the bed. This would help you fulfill all your secret desires which you have never thought to get from your partner in a normal life schedule. This is a powerful instrument which is made up of copper metal and is used to fulfill all desires in a short as well as simple path. There is no proof that this Yantra works and this is not a popular Yantra as well due to ineffectiveness of the same.

Kamdeva is a Hindu god who stands for desire or love of the human beings. he possess many name such as ATANU (the soul who does not possess a body), ANANGA (without material form), KANDARPA (who ignites god), MADANA (who is intoxicant), MANMADHA (who is the churn of the hurt), RATIKANTA (husband of Rati), KAMA (desire). He is the son of Hindu devi Sri. Pradyumna was the father of Kamadeva. The son of Lord Krishna is the avatar of Kamadeva.

Kamadeva means God of love, i.e. Cupid. Kama stands for longing whereas Deva stands for divine. More precisely he is the god of physical relationship. This name is applied in the Rig Veda. He is constituted as a young, smart, handsome who possess wings with extraordinary green color skin. He exerts arrows and a bow. The bow is built in sugarcane. The string of the bow is made up of honeybees. Arrows are made up of 5 different types of flower. These are White lotus, Blue lotus, Jasmine, flower of Mango tree and flower of Ashoka tree. He has two wives. They are Rati and Priti.

The deities residing in this Yantra helps couples to fight their inner selves that do not allow them to fulfill their physical desires along with their partners. All the malefic effects of negative planets will be eradicated if the Yantra is been worshiped properly with the proper mantra to energize it. In the yantra guideline, you will get the particular mantra to be pronounced during its installation procedure. Pran pratistha of the goddess is Yantra is also an important part of the procedure.