Jupiter (Guru)

Jupiter is perhaps the most important planet in the solar system.  It has been given abilities that rival that of the most intelligent beings ever to walk the earth.  If this planet is well placed, it brings wealth, a comfortable mind and inner peace.  So powerful is this planet that it has been given authority over the zodiac signs of Pisces and Sagittarius.

This planet is looked upon as being the teacher and benefactor of knowledge to its natives. 
Jupiter Guru
Jupiter has an important place in astrology because it finds itself affiliated to many of the houses (9th and 11th to name a few). 

If Jupiter is not in a position where it will bring maximum benefits to persons, you will find that the natives are not as wise as others, are constantly troubled in their spirit and have difficulty with finances.  It can even result in problems for women with respect to having children. 

Jupiter can have positive effects on the natives.Sometimes, the good that is seen by other individuals is a mirror image of the goodness of this planet as well. There is a common myth that a person with strong Jupiter is Rich, but this is not actually true except if Jupiter is lord of 2nd house. Strong Jupiter makes a person Wise but not Rich.

Women are affected by this planet with regards to their relationships.

Jupiter is the 5th planet in our solar system. It is the largest of all. Its mass is 1/1000th that of Sun. And it is 2 ½ times of the other planets’ mass combined together. Jupiter is regarded as “Gas Giant” along with the Saturn, Uranus and the Neptune. Those are the outer planets of our solar systems. Those are known from ancient times to the astronomers. Those planets are related with mythology and many religious faiths of different cultures. The Jupiter was named after the Roman God Jupiter. Jupiter is the 3rd brightest planet of solar system. The other two are Moon and Venus.

Jupiter is mainly full of Hydrogen with ¼ of its mass is full with Helium. It is full of heavier rocky elements. Though like other gas giants, the Jupiter not have a sharp solid surface. A giant storm was first observed by telescope in the seventeenth century in the Jupiter. Jupiter is a pale planetary ring structure and strong magnetosphere. There are 67 satellites. Ganymede is the largest of all. The diameter of the Ganymede is greater than the Mercury.

Their way forward into marriage and ultimately relationships is charted by the placement of Jupiter. Natives who have the privilege of being smiled upon by this planet are intelligent individuals who are capable of making their way regardless of where life takes them. They have good values and morals and overall have a good reverence for life and all it entails.

Jupiter rules on liver, gall bladder, spleen, body-fat and pancreas. Jupiter can cause diabetes, ear troubles, fever, unconsciousness and long-term diseases. If under affliction it makes one lethargic.

Good Jupiter makes a person Wise, Respectable and Trustworthy.