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What is special on your birth day ? Or what is unique on your birth day. Yes, this day every year Sun will be exactly on the same place with respect to Earth as Earth takes a whole year to rotate around Sun. Every one born on this day will have Sun with same degree in birth chart. And this means a lot to an astrologer. This information can generalize some of the basic characteristics of your character, life, health, family life, career, nature, finance, etc. Both, Astrology and Numerology predicts based upon this information. Point to be noted here is that every one with same birth date will have same sun sign in birth chart or horoscope.

Astrology calculations depends on all the planetary positions, hence only position of Sun will not be enough in Astrology, but some or lot of information can still be predicted. MoonAstro has detail coverage of all the birth dated in Numerology section from January 1st to December 31st. This information not only predicted but also applied on huge sample to verify its accuracy and modified it accordingly.

Famous Persons born today on August, 13 are listed bellow. They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Felix Adler 13/08/1851
Giovanni Agnelli 13/08/1866
Robert Aiken 13/08/1937
George Everard Anding 13/08/1907
Rodrigo Anysio 13/08/1992
John Logie Baird 13/08/1888
John Baird 13/08/1888
Kathleen Battle 13/08/1948
Danny Bonaduce 13/08/1959
Jean Borotra 13/08/1898
Steve Brown 13/08/1938
Fidel Castro 13/08/1926
Kate Chase 13/08/1840
Paul Crumby 13/08/1947
Carole Palermo Ferigo 13/08/1990
Harold Frye 13/08/1912
Tony Garnier 13/08/1869
Alfred Hitchcock 13/08/1899
Don Ho 13/08/1930
Alfred Von Krupp 13/08/1907
Salvatore Luria 13/08/1912
Mary MacArthur 13/08/1880
Archbishop Makarios III 13/08/1913
Bernard Manning 13/08/1930
Philip Bourke Marston 13/08/1850
Camillo Olivetti 13/08/1868
Henry Rothblatt 13/08/1916
Robert Ryan 13/08/1944
Rudolf Schmundt 13/08/1896
Kim Scruggs 13/08/1960
Amy Shapiro 13/08/1951
Alan Shearer 13/08/1970
Cary Stayner 13/08/1961
Marjorie Thurlow 13/08/1942
Regis Toomey 13/08/1898
Felix Wankel 13/08/1902
Greg Wickenburg 13/08/1964
Richard Willstatter 13/08/1872
Chubby Johnson 13/08/1903
Wilton Graff 13/08/1903
Jonathan Hole 13/08/1904
Charles 'Buddy' Rogers 13/08/1904
Barbara Bennett 13/08/1906
Mabel Todd 13/08/1907
Tamara Makarova 13/08/1907
Gene Raymond 13/08/1908
John Beal 13/08/1909
Antonio Espino 13/08/1910
June Brewster 13/08/1913
Antonio Badú 13/08/1914
Sam Taylor 13/08/1916
Claudia McNeil 13/08/1917
Gloria Dickson 13/08/1917
Tao Porchon 13/08/1918
Moria Turner 13/08/1921
Willard Sage 13/08/1922
Nancy Brinckman 13/08/1922
Buck Kartalian 13/08/1922
Meta Velander 13/08/1924
Jane Webb 13/08/1925
Varalakshmi S. 13/08/1925
José Sazatornil 13/08/1925
Elisabeth Urbancic 13/08/1925
Pieter Lutz 13/08/1927
Boris Leven 13/08/1927
Pat Harrington Jr. 13/08/1929
Janine Reynaud 13/08/1930
Bernard Manning 13/08/1930
Mary Duncan 13/08/1931
Michael T. Mikler 13/08/1933
Madhur Jaffrey 13/08/1933
Rod Hull 13/08/1935
Rita Johnson 13/08/1935
Vyjayanthimala 13/08/1936
Carolee Campbell 13/08/1936
Raymond Serra 13/08/1936
Sabine Sesselmann 13/08/1936
Jackie Miller 13/08/1937
Neville Brand 13/08/1939
Bert Lahr 13/08/1939
César Costa 13/08/1941
Erin Fleming 13/08/1941
Kurt Kasznar 13/08/1941
Susan Jameson 13/08/1941
Bill Norton 13/08/1943
Jenise Blanc 13/08/1945
Gretchen Corbett 13/08/1945
Zooey Hall 13/08/1946
John Stocker 13/08/1947
Scott Powell 13/08/1948
Peter Iacangelo 13/08/1948
Merrill Markoe 13/08/1948
Gareth Tandy 13/08/1949
Kit McDonough 13/08/1949
Philippe Petit 13/08/1949
Krzysztof Kolberger 13/08/1950
Jeff Altman 13/08/1951
Dan Fogelberg 13/08/1951
Alma Cuervo 13/08/1951
Brandon Smith 13/08/1952
Tom Davis 13/08/1952
Herb Ritts 13/08/1952
Gorica Popovic 13/08/1952
Kit Gwin 13/08/1953
Victor Colicchio 13/08/1953
Richard Hawley 13/08/1955
Remi Abellira 13/08/1957
Ewa Carlsson 13/08/1957
David Crane 13/08/1957
Kathryn Graf 13/08/1958
Tom Niedenfuer 13/08/1959
Alex Donnelley 13/08/1959
Danny Bonaduce 13/08/1959
Mahesh Anand 13/08/1961
Matt Birman 13/08/1961
Koji Kondo 13/08/1961
Sam Champion 13/08/1961
Tom Perrotta 13/08/1961
Dawnn Lewis 13/08/1961
Andrey Sokolov 13/08/1962
Gracia Querejeta 13/08/1962
Marcello Novaes 13/08/1962
Anita Raj 13/08/1962
Ia Langhammer 13/08/1962
Sridevi 13/08/1963
Pamela Stein 13/08/1963
Valerie Plame Wilson 13/08/1963
Adam Davidson 13/08/1964
Debi Mazar 13/08/1964
Darrell Ward 13/08/1964
Jacinto Taras Riddick 13/08/1965
Deborah Falconer 13/08/1965
Jorge Perugorría 13/08/1965
Christopher Thompson 13/08/1966
Quinn Cummings 13/08/1967
Shane Cortese 13/08/1968
Tal Bachman 13/08/1968
Buddy Bolton 13/08/1968
Wayne Bryan 13/08/1968
Oscar Uriel 13/08/1969
Adam Housley 13/08/1971
Moritz Bleibtreu 13/08/1971
David Monahan 13/08/1971
Heike Makatsch 13/08/1971
Anthony Backman 13/08/1972
Michael Sinterniklaas 13/08/1972
Marissa Mendenhall 13/08/1973
Ryôko Shinohara 13/08/1973
Holly Payne 13/08/1973
James Tormé 13/08/1973
Emin Alper 13/08/1974
James Carpinello 13/08/1975
Özge Özberk 13/08/1976
Lee Quigley 13/08/1976
Sky Berdahl 13/08/1976
Grégory Fitoussi 13/08/1976
Damian O'Hare 13/08/1977
Tabetha Wallace 13/08/1977
Brenda Turnbaugh 13/08/1977
Keala Kennelly 13/08/1978
Kathryn Fiore 13/08/1979
Kasia Smutniak 13/08/1979
Eric Appel 13/08/1980
Jane Carr 13/08/1980
Orianna Milne 13/08/1981
Jonathon Dutton 13/08/1981
Sebastian Stan 13/08/1982
Tatiana Pauhofová 13/08/1983
Elçin Sangu 13/08/1985
Marco Velutti 13/08/1985
Ashley Spillers 13/08/1986
Srabanti Chatterjee 13/08/1987
Antonia Carlotta 13/08/1988
Gözde Kaya 13/08/1988
Bartholomäus Kowalski 13/08/1988
Catherine Combs 13/08/1990
Brock Everitt-Elwick 13/08/1992
Miles Chandler 13/08/1993
La'Charles Trask 13/08/1996
Hank Cheyne 13/08/1997
Jin-gu Yeo 13/08/1997
Joshua Marston 13/08/1998
Colson Smith 13/08/1998
Matthew Glen Johnson 13/08/1999
Lennon Stella 13/08/1999
Anthony Keyvan 13/08/2000
Romann Berrux 13/08/2001
Vladimir Vdovichenkov 13/08/2003

Above listed persons are famous due to various field or reasons who are leaving as an example of what a birthday can impact as a result. For an example there may me a day in a year in which only soldiers are born. Or there can be a day in which great artist only born. Example of the biography helps us guiding our life path to choose the right direction or take preventive action or precaution for any bad thing that may happen in our life. Again please note that Sun Sign is not the only factor that drives ones life so, there may be several other factors in the person born on the same day. As per Indian vedic astrology birth star is and moon sign is more important to determine ones life and destiny. There are several common factors as per Sun’s position which is discussed here only. So follow the guideline given in the detail of the person born today from the link above.

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