Tripura Holiday 2024

Tripura is a north east state in India. This is most literate state in India as education rate is highest as per census happened in 2011. Name of this state is after Goddess of beauty Tripura Sundari and also the king named Tripur from Lunar Dynasty. There are many important festivals celebrated in Tripura. Most important are Garia Puja which is celebrated widely here. Asokastami Festival is also an important festival here. Apart from that Pilak Festival which takes place in Pilak Archaeological site, Kharchi Festival of Khayerpur, Neermahal Festival of Rudrasagar Lake, Neermahal Festival at rudrasagat Lake, Pous Sankranti in Tirthamukh are celebrated. Diwali is also celebrated in Tripura like most of the part of India.