Mizoram Holiday 2024

Mizoram is another significant state in northeastern India. The people living in Mizoram are known as Mizos and Mizoram literally means “land of the Mizos.” The inhabitants of this state celebrate many festivals during the year. The most famous of which is the Chapchar Kut festival. This is a diverse festival with dance and songs as they welcome the spring season. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Mizoram to see this most happening festival occasion. In Aizawl and other major towns, they celebrate this festival as a big carnival. It was not a popular festival before the 20th century. Since 1973, the government of Mizoram begun to celebrate Mizo culture apart from the religion and ethnic groups. Hence, everyone in the agro-industry and the tribal people of Mizoram celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and joy.
Another significant festival is the Mim Kut Festival. This is one of the harvest festivals in Mizoram, which is also celebrated for the departed souls. The significance of this festival is also related to the Chapchar Kut festival. This is because the maize crops that are sowed during the Chapchar Kut festival are harvested in the Mim Kut festival. Hence, this festival also comes under the harvest festivals of Mizoram. This festival is more like a ceremony with cultural dance and art forms of the indigenous people.