Jumat-Ul-Wida 2024

5 April 2024
Jammu and Kashmir    Regional holiday

Jumat-ul-Wida, the final day of the Ramadan month, is socialised by the Muslim community. Ramadan usually falls in the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar. The word Ramadan originated from the Arabic term ‘Al Ramz that means to scorch. Ramadan is considered a holy month for Muslims and blisters the cyphers of the people who fast during this month. Jumat-ul-Wida signifies the best wishes of the Holy Quran. The festival is celebrated globally by the Islamic community to mark the final Friday of Ramadan. The term Jumat-ul-Wida has been taken from two words, ‘juma and ‘wida. Juma means gathering and wida means farewell.

It is a special day for Muslims who go to the nearest masjids to submit prayers. They read the Holy Quran at masjids and participate in social activities such as donating funds to the poor, feeding the poor, etc. Jumat-ul-Wida is the last prayer of the Ramadan month. The community prays for harmony, peace and success in the globe. Muslims believe that God will definitely accept the prayers, which are submitted on this day. Within masjids, extra arrangements are made for the devotees who visit in a big number on the day. Priests encourage devotees to follow the Holy Quran.

On the festival day, Muslims are needed to join the congregation in lieu of the normal prayers of Friday. It is compulsory for men but not for women. In Hyderabad, the largest congregation was ended in 2013 at the Mecca Masjid, the largest mosque in India. The festival will be of great relevance amid Muslims since it accumulates the greatness of the month of Ramadan. Tents shall be organised around mosques for the relief of devotees. Special feasts are prepared and enjoyed by families, relatives, neighbours and friends.