Jharkhand Holiday 2024

Jharkhand is a very green state in eastern India known for its vast forest cover and waterfalls. It is the most resourceful state as around forty percent of the country’s mineral resources come from this state. There are many festivals celebrated by the population of this state. The most famous one is Sarhul that is celebrated during the spring season when the Sal trees flower. It is a worship of the village deity who is considered as the protector of the native tribes. These local deities are worshipped with the new flowers of the Saal trees. The worship rituals are performed by the village priest with traditional practices. Another cultural festival of Jharkhand is the Karam festival, the worship of the god of power, youth, and youthfulness. It is celebrated on the 11th month of the Bhadra month. The rituals are performed with flowers, wood, and leaves collected from the nearby forests.
Jawa ia another cultural festival of Jharkhand celebrated by the unmarried tribal girls. This is celebrated mainly to pray for fertility and a good household. Other festivals of this state include Tusu Parab, Hal Punhya, Bhagat Parab, Rohini, Bandana, Jani-Shikaar, Chath Pooja and many other common festivals of India.