Indigenous Faith Day 2024

1 December 2024
Arunachal Pradesh    Regional holiday

The population of Arunachal is about 10 million and it is over 16 districts and 3,649 villages. The state is inhabited by the worlds largest variety of ethnic tribal groups and subgroups numbering over a hundred and each tribe speaking their own language and dialect. Many of these tribes also practice an indigenous religion and this day is intended to focus on and celebrate this rich diversity. Hence, Arunachal Pradesh might be the most diverse region in the whole world.

Though the main religions in the state are Christianity accounting for about 30 per cent of the population and Hinduism (29%). Over a quarter of the population, mainly the native Tani populations, follow an indigenous belief system which has been systematised under the name "Donyi-Polo" (Sun-Moon). The indigenous faith Day is celebrated to honour this diverse faith of Arunachal.

The programme on this day is organized by the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) of Tezu. In this programme, various tribes showcase their culture and traditions. It is filled with music, traditions, celebrations and many other programmes. People try to communicate with and understand other cultures that exist within this small state. This celebration is also attended by the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh along with many eminent personalities.

This cultural festival and program is another attempt at sharing cultures and promoting brotherhood. This day allows everyone to know more about the state they are living in. They get to know more about its history, culture and indigenous people. It is a joyous and enriching festival.