Eid-e-milad 2024

16 September 2024
Kerala    Regional holiday

EId-e-Milad is a precious festival for Muslims, who celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. It is also known as Muhammads Birthday, Nabi Day or Mawlid. Muslims all over the world and in India celebrate this festival with great joy. This festival brings joy to the Muslim community. The Muslims throughout the globe pay respects to Prophet Muhammad. On this day, they will wear new clothes and will visit the nearest mosques to offer special prayers. Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca, now in Saudi Arabia. His teachings are very valuable to the Muslim community. Muslims hold meetings on this day to recall and discuss the great teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

On this day, Muslims clean their houses and streets. They also clean the mosques in their cities. They will either visit the mosques around them or visit the common praying area in their cities. Processions will be taken out by people who also shout praises about Prophet Muhammad. Muslims will make their children attend the meetings wherein the teachings of Prophet Muhammad are discussed. Children keenly participate in all types of events organised on the occasion of Id-e-Milad.

Men prefer wearing Jubbhas while women prefer wearing Abayas. It is to show complete devotion. Muslims will sing in public places. Maulud is a popular song, which is sung by many Muslims to mark the festival. As per the culture of Islam, singing this song on the festival day carries good fortune. Lectures are conducted by religious speakers to spread the message of Prophet Muhammad. The deeds and life of Prophet Muhammad shall be honoured by writing essays and poems. The paintings, which are suitable for the festival of Id-e-Milad, are created by artists. Friends, families and relatives will share sweets among themselves. The commonly distributed sweet is honey. It is a joyous festival that is pious and vibrant.