Astrology and Father

While the birth is given by a mother, the birth and upbringing is not completed without a father. A father holds a lot of importance in a person’s life. He is a guide, a teacher, feeder, protector and an ideal. According to Vedic Father Astrology the father is compared with almighty God.

The houses 1st, 5th and 9th are collectively called the ‘Trikon’ houses. These three houses are the most auspicious houses in a chart as they are ruled by the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and Lord Vishnu, the creator. Even a malefic planet gives auspicious results if it is placed in these houses and the more planets are presenting in these houses, the better the results. The 1st house stands for oneself, the 5th house stands for the son and the 9th stands for the father in Father Astrology..

Relation with Father Astrology
Therefore in Father Astrology, if you want to determine one’s nature, you must look at 1st house. If you want to determine about the children’s personality, you have to look at the 5th house. On the other hand if you want to predict about the father’s personality, you have to look at the 9th house. The nature of the father can be determined by the planets position in the 9th house, while what kind of father the native will be, can be determined by reading the planets in 1st house in combination with the 5th house. It is very hard to get any bad results from these three planets.

So it is a matter of wonder, if they always give good results, then why are not all the fathers, and father-son relationships working smoothly?

The answer is no, as Father Astrology is much deeper than that. The Dasha has a vital influence on the life and people’s relationships. The house may have beneficial planets. If the Dasha at that moment is malefic, then troubles and hardships could be seen.

The 9th house belongs to the Dhanu or Sagittarius which is ruled by “guru” or Jupiter. Guru is literally translated to a teacher. Hence it signifies a father in Father Astrology. Historically, father was associated with a spiritual teacher who guided his son on the path of righteousness, religion and philosophy. Some theories claim that the 4th and 10th houses represent the father. But these theories are incorrect and these shouldn’t be followed to get correct readings.

The varga charts are also read to determine the father and the son of the native. While the saptamsha relates to the son, the lagna of the saptamsha describes the self and the dwasamsha describes the father.