Astrology and Friendship

God sends friends to take care of us. Some people come into our lives and disappear soon. Some stays for a while and leaves footprints in our hearts. We can-not live without a friend. A life without a friend is not a complete one. A person having no true friend is the most unlucky person.

It is rare to find some good article on friendship in Astrology. It’s one of the most important but ignored areas where friend astrology has a significant role to play to improve some-one’s life.

Friend Astrology
Good friends are those who are always there in your need. In astrology you must have the following rules to have good friend or friends.
    a) Strong 3rd House in friend astrology : If your 3rd house is strong, you will have one or more good friends or Real friends. If your 3rd house lord is weak or in conjunction with malefic or accepted by a malefic, then 3rd house becomes weak house. Also if there are malefic planets in 3rd house, then this house becomes weak. As a result, you will not get good friend. In this case you should go for a remedy towards friend astrology.

    b) Your 6th House in friend astrology : The Lord of 6th house and strength of this house provides the enemies. It is a matter of concern that there is no suitable relationship will be with you and it will happen due to the position of the house. There is a big role of this house in your life. Sometimes it will be good for you. Sometimes it will make you intelligent to handle your strong enemies. It is really true that your strong enemies are really competitive, learner and wise. You should ignore this house while doing friendship astrology.

    c) Strong Mercury in friend astrology : Strong Mercury gives strong bonding with friends. In my practical experiences, I found many relations with good bonding due to one of them possess Strong Mercury.

    d) Please note that if you are trying to make another friend who is your opposite gender, then friend astrology will not be applicable. In such cases you have to follow another rule. In this case you should check out our Love Match section. section.

    e) Even if you have all well, you can-not make every-one as your friend. Some-one is born to become your friend and some-one as enemy due to his/her planetary positions as per friend astrology. So, who can be your good friend and who can-not? Two astrology rules works here.

          1. If your Rashi (Moon Sign) and your Friend’s Rashi (Moon Sign) are in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th will be able to be your friend. If the distance is 1st, 3rd, 7th or 11th then they will be able to be your best friend. Rest of the friend will be temporary in your life.

          2. Western astrologers follows Sun Signs to find the friendship match. I found this to be working sometimes as well. But please note that Moon Sign compatibility in friend astrology is more perfect. As per the sun sign compatibility chart is following.

Sun sign match

Again, this is one of the most important aspects of your life and you should give some weightage in friendship to lead a happy life.