Chinese Astrology

The very first cycle of the zodiac was started in 2637 BC by the Emperor Huang Ti. This “art form” formulated as the writing system f the Chinese which was mixed and connected with the Philosophy. Few charming feature of a person, the way of life and emotions are exposed.

The origin of this art is based on mainly in the traditional philosophy of Lao-tse, Confucius and Yi Jing. The 12 symbols was determined by the lord Buddha on celebration of the New Year of Chinese which occurs on the various dates from the mid of January to mid of February. Lord Buddha called all the animals but only 12 animals were present.

Chinese Astrology

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1st animal that went was the talkative Rat. 2nd was the hard worker Ox who came along with the respectable Tiger and cautious Cat. Candid Dragon came with the theoretical Snake. The physically energetic Horse came with the creative Goat. The brave Monkey and the gaudy Rooster came too. The watchful Dog and submissive pig came at the last. Lord Buddha provided every animal a year regarding the nature and features of them.

The astrology of China is considered as the most advanced and perfect from of the horoscope in survival. But Western astrology is built on the celestial bodies.

12 zodiac creatures stand for the 60 year cycle of Chinese years: roster, monkey, sheep, snake, rabbit, tiger, dragon, rat, ox, pig, horse and dog. The symbols are mixed with 1 of the 5 essential elements to decide which one is helpful for an individual and useful in terms of person’s life force. Fire, metal, water, earth and wood are the 5 elements in the Chinese Philosophy.

As per Chinese Astrology, an individual’s full future may be decided through difficult calculations which are derived from the Chinese Philosophy, the Calendar of Chinese and the connections with the planets, stars and other celestial bodies. This calculation is known as “Purple Star System”.

Each and every sector in this Chinese astrological graph symbolises a huge aspect’s of an individual’s life. It is mainly predict an individual’s bodily appearance, talents and skills and success and failure. It may predict relationship, prosperity, health condition, profession, chances for travel and the amount of happiness which are predetermined at birth. Individual’s zodiac animal shows the person’s feature and persona.

But the concept of Yin-yang is the most significant factor in the Chinese Astrology. It describes the completely reverse forces that rule and make harmony and stability in the world. Even Chinese years are known as Yang and the Odd Chinese years are known as Yin. Yang is energetic, determined, destructive, fanatical and masculine; related with creativeness, spring and the summer, sun and the daylight, and the fire. Yin is inactive, friendly, calm, negative and womanly; related with winter, birth, fertility, moon and night, and the water.

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