Chinese Astrology Your Universal Element

The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Chinese element signifies movement, change, development happens in the environment and to be balanced to live peacefully and healthy. These five elements have god and bad effects on the nature, environment and life of every human being in Chinese astrology. Elements are universal unit of the environment that guide us the art of living. Here is the details of the elements.

Water Wood Fire Earth Metal
Color Black and Blue All Green and huew. Yellow, Red Mud, Broun Any Metal colors. Gold, Silver, Copper, etc
Season Winter Spring Summer All Autumn
Represents Water Fountains Paper, Plants, Furnitures. Light Any natarul Gems. Crystal, glass, articles, Diamonds, etc Jewellery, kes, coins, ceramic, etc
Number 1 3 and 4 9 2, 5 and 8 6 and 7
Animals Rat and Pig Tiger and Rabbit Hourse and Snake Ox, Dragon, Sheep and Dog Rooster Or Monkey

Water : Mercury is related to the water element. The residents born under the Water element may be alluring and responsive along with sympathetic. They are artistic and prudent. They have the talent to notice the hidden talents of other people.

Water is the lifeline of every creature in this earth, It causes rain and dew, it forms water-fall, rivers and sea. Important for rest and filling the reservoirs.

Wood : The planet Jupiter is linked with Wood. People born under the Wood element are very kind. They are fond of exploring the world. They may advice others. They are hard working and dedicated to their work.

Wood is the energy storage and source of energy. Encourage any new opportunities or possibilities and helps them to get matured. Wood helps fueling the energies to perform any positive work.

Fire : Mars is associated with the Fire. The inhabitants of the fire element like excitement and adventure in their lives. They possess energetic personas. They may turn into excellent leaders. They are born orators. They wish to make a powerful bond with their partners.

Fire Keeps us warm. Makes us value of relationships, helping us discover the potential in us. Helps us understand that if we want we can do it and every one can do it with no help from other.

Earth : Saturn is connected with Earth. A native of the Earth element is enduring and trustable. The natives know their duty towards the others with whom they have intimacy. They are very decent and maintain their discipline. They are conservative and sometimes it works with them. They are good administrators as well as good planners.

Earth holds us, makes us live on and gives us place to stay, eat, play, work and provides us all the necessities to live. Earth makes us realize the truth and the realities of life are not to only dream but it’s the hard and earthly.

Metal : Venus is associated with Metal. The persons born under the metal element are normally stubborn and independent. They love joyous life. They take cares the others as well. Normally they are reserved. They are not concerned about hindrances and any problems. They are the born problem solvers.

Our arm to live in the environment saves us with fighting to the competitors in the echo system. To live a better life and be the best among the animal world we need to get equipped with weapons and make the difference. This weapons or the thing that makes us strength and helps are fight is the Metal.

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