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Today, Delhi, India

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Sunrise and Sunset is based on the location :  which you may change and regenerate. Moon Phase is also important and the transition of moon year can be found on this page.

Place:Delhi, India
DayJune 16, 2024
TimeZone:GMT : 5.5
Latitude:28.40 N
Longitude:77.13 E

Sunrise and Sunset times varies throughout the year for any location (like ) which is calculated from longitude and latitude, altitude, and time zone of the place. Earth is tilted on its axis and changes are driven by this axial tilt and the rotation of the earth around the axis. Earth’s movement in its orbit around the Sun also used to calculate to predict Sunrise and Sunset time accurately.

 Today 's: positions are

      Sunrise on Today  6:22 AM  

      Sunset on Today  8:20 PM  

      Day Length :
13 Hours, 58 Minutes

      Moon Phase on Today  Moon Age: 9             Sunrise Sunset Moonphase today

      Next Moon event :  Full Moon On June 22, 2024

      Moon is Transiting through   Virgo (Kanya)     Today .

      Sun is Transiting through   Gemini (Mithun)     Today  
      and is positioned in 61.42 °

This information is used to calculate the Muhutat Today . This information is also important for various Pujas Today . This calculation is error Free and trusted and can be used for any astrological inputs. For more detail on Planetary positions for you can go to Planets now page.

Moon age image showing in this page is the exact Moon shape now, but will be angled or tilted depending on your Latitude. For example if your Latitude is 30 degree then Moon will be rotated by 30 degree in your location with respect to the image given, but the ratio of the dark and brighter part will be exactly the same.. Moon takes 29.53 days to take a full cycle of rotation around earth. So, after each of 29.53 days the phase of Moon will be same again, but the time of Raise and Se may differ.

In the above result you can change the location using the country selection dropdown menu and then type the city name to get the location of your interest. Longitude and latitude will be automatically populated. If your city name is unknown to our system then longitude and latitude will not be available and will remain blank and in that case please type it in the respected boxes. You can also change the timezone, which is selected by default to +5.5 UCT. Please note that DST value of the same has to be selected accordingly if applicable. You can also change the date as per your needs