Baby Boy Name Starts with Letter N

Boy Names Starts with the alphabet N is here...

Boy NameMeaning
NaMeaningful; God Name; Lord Venkateswara
NaabhiCentre of body, an ancient King
NaadimVariant of Nadim: Repentant. Regretful.
NaadirDear, Rare
NaagA big serpent
Naag-RaajKing of serpents
NaagarjunAn ancient philosopher
NaagdharOne who wears cobra (Lord Shiva)
NaagendraLord of serpents (Vaasuki)
NaageshGod of serpents (Sheshnaag), Naagpal
NaageswarName of Lord Shiva
NaagpalSavior of serpents
NaagpatiKing of serpents (Vaasuki)
NaagraajKing of serpents
NaagrajKing of serpents, Sheshnaag
NaaibVariant of Na'ib: Delegate. Substitute.
NaailAcquirer; Earner; Variant of Nail: Acquirer. Earner.
NaajiVariant of Naji: Useful. Beneficial.
NaajySafe; Variant of Najy: Safe.
NaalName of a saint
NaalnishHe works (Navajo)
NaamFair, pleasant.
NaamadharSupport of Naam
NaamadolUnwavering in Naam
NaamaharOne who is Sustained by Naam
NaamanandOne who Finds Bliss in Naam
NaambhagatDevotee of the Lord
NaambirBrave who Remembers the Lord
NaamcheetRemembering the Lords Name
NaamchetanAware of Naam
NaamdarshanVision of Naam
NaamdeepLamp of Naam
NaamdevName of a saint
NaamdhanEarning the Wealth of Naam
NaamdharamReligious Remembrance of Naam

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