Education Astrology

With the help of Education Astrology, an astrologer can predict that what kind of education and profession that a new born would go for. Education Astrology can also tell the nature of the Native in terms of profession and studies, how intelligent or artistic the Native will be, what will be the position of the Native in his school and colleges, and how long the Native will able to pursue studies. An intelligent boy doesn’t necessarily indicate a successful man.

Education Astrology
In Education Astrology, one's birth charts or horoscope can also determine how successful a man will be in his profession in respect with his intelligence and his educational background.

As per Education Astrology, various houses in the chart stand for a different meaning in terms of education and profession. The 4th house is the house of primary education, i.e., schooling, and indicates how the Native’s primary education would go and what kind of education it will be.

Here one can determine whether the Native will choose a public or a private environment.

Whether he/she will study in boarding school, whether he/she will home-schooled, whether there will be any break in school life of the Native or any other topic dealing with schooling.

In Education Astrology, the 5th house in horoscope stands for secondary educations and indicates how the studies of the Native will be in college or whether he would pursue further education. The education and research projects can also be seen here, if is supported by beneficial planets.

If the 5th house is in association with the 9th house, then the higher education could occur in a foreign land. These houses can also be used as the cause of any kind of termination in education or any problems with studies.

There are various kinds of professions that a person could go into: - intellectual, economist, aesthetic, routine day to day jobs, mechanical, or trade and business. Which of these professions a person chooses, can be determined through the study of the positions of various planets.

The economists would have a strong Jupiter in combination with the Sun and the Mercury. The combinations of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Moon suggest a career in engineering or medical field. An electrical field is suggested by the presence of Venus and Mars.

Education Astrology
For the Native to be associated with electronic media like TV or computers, the Ketu should be strong. Saturn on the other hand, suggests the jobs related to mining, leather industry or mineral extraction. The presence of Mars and Mercury in auspicious positions in the 5th house suggests high qualifications and intellectual positions for the Native as per Education Astrology.

A strong Venus with Mercury and Rahu suggests aesthetical jobs which include film actors, directors, musicians, dancers etc. Most of the people fall into the category of average intelligence and routine jobs. If the 2nd and the 5th house, or their lords are malefic, the native may have little or no education. But these results can also be changed by the influence of other planets affecting them or looking at them.