Beauty Astrology

“The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.” — Chanakya. This has been one of the important needs for any person beyond time whether the person is a Man or a Woman. We live in a society which makes the first impression by one’s looks and hence one gets rated with high value on beauty and charm. Why is a person beautiful? Is this only heredity that makes the person beautiful? But the answer is no.

As per Astrology Horoscope, Beauty is a relative thing and it is a result of the persons work, effort and luck. In the childhood, it is the luck of the parent that makes a person beautiful.

Beauty Astrology
What we can say from one's Astrology Horoscope?

Planets create energies that provide all types of perfections and imperfections in your appearance. Few important observations from Beauty Astrology are described here:

 a) Strong Moon : Strong moon makes a person looks sober, softer, less harmful as per Astrology. Stronger Moon makes a person beautiful with charming eyes. Weak Moon in the birth chart makes one ugly face with bad looking nose.

b) Strong Venus : A person may not possess good looking face and still the person can be the most attractive to the opposite gender as per Beauty Astrology. Yes, this is Stronger Venus that makes a person youthful, attractive with high order of body appeal. Venus gives all the features to a person that can make the person younger with good hair, good skin, etc.

c) Strong Ascendant : If the lord of Ascendant is strong, then the person will have good physics as per Beauty Astrology. Having good looking and healthy body is also part of beauty.

d) Strong Mercury : Beauty got no value if the person has no brain. A person needs to be clever to present him or herself. Mercury makes a person intelligent with attractive speech power. Beauty with Strong Mercury makes a person with perfect.

e) Relation between Jupiter and Moon : This is indeed an important combination that makes a person beautiful. Even if the person has got stronger Moon, Venus, the person can still be ugly. If Moon is not in Kendra or Trikona (Angle and Triangle) house of Jupiter or not in any Raj yoga, can also be ugly. I have seen a person who has Moon in 6th House of Jupiter, with strong Venus, moon and mercury. The person has good physics and very attractive beauty. But due to 6th relation the person looks ugly and but not like by others.

f) Relation between Moon and Venus : If a person have good relationship (Raj yog) between Moon and Venus, is in Kendra or Trikona house of Venus then they form good relationship. This relationship makes a person very beautiful and attractive to the opposite gender.

There are several more rules in Astrology on Beauty. But, I have studied thousands of horoscope in my life, and have seen that the above mentioned astrology rules and combinations are always holding the truth. From one’s birth chart, without seeing the person, I can comment on the person’s beauty. I have suggested many people and increased beauty factors significantly which helped in their lives.

If anyone can say that the rules are not meeting and making the person Ugly or partially ugly due to partially following the listed laws, then remedy of the above mentioned rules should be provided to the native. Beauty Astrology is not something very complex in Astrology; only simple rules listed above are applicable.