Dhumvati Yantra

Devi Dhumvati is a powerful goddess as per Hindu mythological books. The fascinating fact about the goddess is, the worship of this particular goddess takes place only during the night. A cemetery is the place of Upasana, where the worshiper should perform the puja. Also, the person who will be worshiping this Devi has to do the full act with his naked body. Even wearing underwear is not allowed over here.

The place where the puja is held is a lonely one. There are very few people who have heard about Dhumvati Devi. She is a goddess with fat body with fierce eyes. Her clothes are really dirty and have got real dirty hairs. She has a bend in her spinal cord and stoops forward to her old age.
Dhumvati Yantra
On the 14th day of a lunar eclipse and during Krishna prakash, the worshiper needs to perform one lac japa in solitude. You can also choose a cremation ground in a forest to perform this puja.

The entire day as well as night, the particular worshiper needs to stay without eating anything.

Even the worshiper has to remain silent throughout the day and night before he worships Dhumvati Devi.

The goddess Dhumavati is considered to be a great pedagogue who discloses the ultimate information of the cosmos which is far from the false separations, such as holy and unholy. The unattractive form of this goddess educates the follower to look outside the superficial, to look within and search for the internal truth of the life.

The goddess Dhumavati is described as a provider of the supernatural strength, a savior from all the difficulties and a granter of all wishes and rewards, as well as the extreme knowledge and salvation. Dhumavati’s worship is also suggested for thoes who want to beat their enemies. Her worship is believed to be suitable for single member of the society like widows, bachelors and tantrikas. In the Varanasi mandir, she goes beyond her inauspiciousness and gets the ranks of a local defensive goddess. Also married couple worship the Dhumavati goddess in Varanasi temple. She has a few dedicated mandir.

If you want to obtain the complete influence of devi Dhumavati then you must recite “Dhung Dhung Dhumavati Tha Tha” mantra for twenty one times with full faith and dedication.

If you want to achieve all round success and spiritual uplift in your life, it would be a necessity for you to avail Dhumvati Yantra. This Yantra contains few signs or symbols which are proven to be auspicious for anyone. Like having lotus leafs, having a stars at the center, having triangles, etc. Even though I could not find a relation of this Yantra with Devi Dhumvati or there is no clue that how this Yantra can be used to pray Devi Dhumvati, I believe this Yantra may be lucky for you. It may also be more lucky if lotus leafs are colored as pink instead of green. I will recommend to give a try with this Yantra once.