Elements in Yantra

We all know that the world is composed of the elements: air, water, fire, sky and A Yantra is an engine or a substance or a holy diagram. It is a Sanskrit term. It is normally built in copper. Yantras are the vast cosmic conductors of strengths. We must take care about the rality that none should touch the yantra. Yantra is way or system which is considered to be the shortest and easiest though which a person may achieve his wishes and fulfills his desires. It is believed that the “Deities” is established in the Yantras. If one performs worshiping of the Yantras, one may pacify them, root out the sinful effects of any planet and increase course of the pious influences. We must maintain some procedures to place the Yantra.

We all know that the world is composed of the elements: air, water, fire, sky and earth. The basic concept of lines in Yantras is to represent a point or Bindu. If the Yantra is having a rectangular shape, it represents the water elements. But if the Yantra is of triangular shape, it represents the fire elements.

A Lotus normally stands for the chakra. It’s each petal symbolizing a spiritual inclination related with the chakra.

A bindu stands for the beginning point of formation.

The hexagram (satkona) maintains a balance between:

The upwardly triangle symbolizes energy and service, religious acts.

A downstairs triangle symbolizes religious knowledge. It is also represents the artistic power of the universe, fruitfulness, water’s element.

A Swastika sign denotes well luck, wellbeing, wealth and religious victory.

Generally the Yantra with triangular shape is Lord Shiva’s Yantra. The Bhagwati Yantra is made of carved lines. Some of the Yantra along with its action are as follows:

Prithvi Tatva – This Yantra would provide the worshiper with success, comforts, ambition as well as contentment.

Jal Tatva – If the worshiper has this Yantra at home; he would be blessed with smoothness, affection, contentment, love, respect and wisdom. It also removes restlessness form life.

Agni Tatva – This Yantra has a good support of fire. It helps in gaining success as well as respect. All the failures and troubles in life are also eradicated.

Vayu Tatva – Vayu means air. This helps against disrespect, unintelligent and vices.

Akash Tatva - In order to create affection, love for all, success in efforts, removal of worries, this particular Yantra used by the worshipers.

As per Islam the Yantras are again divided into four categories: Abbi, Atshi, Khakhi and Badi. The meaning is same as Vayu, Agni, Jal and Prithvi.

Bhoj Patra is used for the Yantras like Agni or Atshi. the yantras can also be represented on china wares, old clothes and paper. The Yantra can bless the worshiper with success, scope to overcome difficulties, a control in dreams. The person writing the same must stand on one knee near the fire facing east.

People need to hang the Airy or Badi Yantra on a tree or on something of the same height. People must take care of the location of the Yantra. It can be used to gain in love affairs.

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