Brihaspati Yantra

The name of the planet Jupiter, in Vedic Astrology, is Brihaspati. This Yantra is also known as Guru Yantra or Jupiter Yantra. If Jupiter is malefic in your birth chart, the use of Brihaspati Yantra is advisable. This Yantra is also known to be really beneficial as well as favorable for all individuals. The Jupiter Yantra may be embossed on a copper plate, as well as on 24 carat gold plates.
Brihaspati Yantra
If you are willing to install the Jupiter Yantra for the first time at your home, the ideal time will be on a Thursday; and that too on the day of a full moon. The Yantra must be placed in the puja ghar or a room where you pray.

All the malefic effect of Jupiter would be cut down once you have used Jupiter Yantra. The Yantra may help you get a powerful and authoritative post at your workplace and may help you prosper in your profession. The Yantra inculcates the flow of positive energy in an individual.

The Jupiter Yantra is on a Bhoj Patra, essentially to keep the Yantra of Jupiter in the rising moon. You can also get more advice on this Yantra from well practiced and professional astrologer. The astrologer can tell you if the Yantra is suitable for you and your professional needs or not.

Jupiter is the 5th planet in our solar system. It is the largest of all. Its mass is 1/1000th that of Sun. And it is 2 ½ times of the other planets’ mass combined together. Jupiter is regarded as “Gas Giant” along with the Saturn, Uranus and the Neptune. Those are the outer planets of our solar systems.

Those planets are related with mythology and many religious faiths of different cultures. The Jupiter was named after the Roman God Jupiter. Jupiter is mainly full of Hydrogen with ¼ of its mass is full with Helium. It is full of heavier rocky elements.

Jupiter is a pale planetary ring structure and strong magnetosphere. There are 67 satellites. Ganymede is the largest of all.

As per Hindu Shastra, Rishi Angira’s son is Brihaspati. Brihspati is also well known as the “Guru” of all deities. As per Vedic Astrology, Guru is the wisdom of the Kaal Purusha. Hence we may say that Brihaspati is the important planet of our intelligence and wisdom. Jupiter is a holy planet. It deals with natives mind, intelligence, gentleness, devotion etc.

If you are working in an educational institute then you can keep this Yantra on your desk. This Yantra is petty similar to Kamala Yantra. Jupiter Yantra also contains a rose inside and a six sided Star at the center. There is a 3D version of Jupiter Yantra as well. I would recommend the 3D crystal made Jupiter Yantra instead of a Gold plate one as that may be more effective compared to the 2D version. Point to be noted here is Whether its 2D or 3D it should have base color as either Yellow or Golden. Crystal glass color ill have no effect here.

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