Chandra Yantra

As per Vedic astrology, Chandra Yantra is the name provided to the Yantra that can appease the particular planet, Chandra or moon. You can see the embossment of the copper plate on the silver plating in Chandra Yantra.

The Yantra dominantly shows the color of moon. Many of you may have the malefic effects of the moon in your horoscope or birth chart. This particular Yantra is to be kept in the pocket of the person, who is suffering from the malefic effects of Chandra or moon. It is also done to nullify the negative effect of the moon.
Chandra Yantra
You can be blessed with respect, honor and friendship because of the Yantra. You will even be able to win the heart of the opposite gender. Any Monday, with the rising moon, is the best time for the installation of the Chandra Yantra to your home.

The Yantra is more effective, if you can keep it along with a photograph of Lord Shiva. As per astrologers, this Yantra can affect one, spiritually so as to remove all the malefic effects of Chandra, from the birth chart as well as the horoscope.

There are many complications, which you may face, if you are under the influence of the malefic effect of the moon. Some of the physiological problems, which may be a result of the malefic effects, are: nervousness, asthma, lack of mental balance, urinary disease, and bronchitis. There are ways of getting rid of these problems.

One such way is by donating white rice, water and cow’s milk on every Monday. There is a particular mantra for moon, which needs to be pronounced during the minor and major periods of the moon. If you have the Chandra Yantra, you may follow the guide lines of the Yantra. This can help you overcome many problems.

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