Bhom Yantra

A Yantra is a device or a substance or a sacred figure. It is actually built in copper. Yantras are the vast heavenly conductors of power. We must take care about the fact that none should come in contact with the yantra. Yantra is a pathway or technique which is believed to be the shortest and simplest though which people may get their wishes and fulfill their longs. It is believed that the “Deities” is situated in the Yantras. If we perform worship of the Yantras, we may pacify them, root out the malefic effects of any planet and increase course of the pious influences. We must maintain some procedures to place the Yantra.

Bhom Yantra is important in order to get conveyance, property, and a guarantee against vehicular action. If you have any doubt regarding any kind of Vaastu dosha at your home, Bhom Yantra would be the most effective tool.
Bhom Yantra
Yantras are not just instruments which you can carry with you where ever you go. There must be a proper worship; and then a person can either place it in the puja ghar or can carry it around.

After performing the worship and rituals you can take the Yantra with you and be successful every time you have a look at it. You must not have doubt in mind while taking up a Yantra.

Your mind should be free from all types of suspicion. If you are carrying the Yantra with you, it may feel as if you have the blessing of the gods and goddesses.

You must first purify your body and have a clear mind before you worship. You must choose a place which is east facing, for worship. There must be no disturbance during worship. The lighting of Diyas during worship is important. You must open the Yantra and place it along with image of the deity, whom you will be worshiping. Water should be sprinkled over the Yantra as well as the devotee with the help of a leaf.

Worship of Yantra may be done by the user himself or it may be presided by the pundits, priests or the gurus at the mandir. It should be reminded that many yantras assure for prosperous and joyous life. They only help in concentrating our power and energy. We must work hard if we want result. They do not give any miracle.

Best persons who should have Bhom Yantra who are related to any transport business or having trouble in transport related issues. A person or an organization running a car service business, transport managements or travelling a lot every day or making loss in transportation. One should keep this Yantra in Car or any other vehicle which helps safe driving. This Yantra is very uncommon and rarely being used. One should give a try as the signs on this Yantra are auspicious. Bhom Yantra is normally made in copper but recommended is to made in bi-color in Blue and Yellow or in a combination of Red and White.

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