Budh Yantra

If you are under the negative effect of Mercury or Budh, the Yantra named as Budh Yantra will be ideal for you. The malefic effect of mercury on your birth chart can be negated by using the Budh Yantra. We all have various types of natural and unnatural elements around us; these elements may have many different harmful effects on us.

You may even come across various incidents in your society, where lives and properties are affected due to fires. If you have the Budh Yantra, you may be able to recover from such situations.
Budh Yantra
The Budh Yantra is also very favorable for pregnant women, who do not wish to abort their children under any circumstance. Any type of complications, during the pregnancy may be avoided by the effects of the Budh Yantra.

Budh Yantra is believed to ensure safe child birth. The Yantra is embossed on a plate which is purely made up of copper. It must be installed during rising moon on a Wednesday.

There are many people who have different types of mental and physical problems. If you know someone who has got a problem of stammering, the best way of getting rid of it would be by worshiping to Budh Yantra daily. You must also follow all the guidelines of the Yantra worship.

Mercury is the 1st and innermost planet of our solar system. It is the smallest of all 8 planets of our solar system. The orbit of the planet Mercury is most unconventional, i.e. almost circular of the 8 planets. Mercury rounds the Sun once in a 88 Earth days. It completes 3 rotations on its axes for every 2 courses. This planet is named after the Roman God Mercury, the herald of the Gods.

The surface of Mercury is similar as the Moon’s surface. It indicates that t has been physically immobile for billion years. The night temperature of the planet Mercury is of -170 Deg C and the day temperature is of about +430 Deg C. The axis of Mercury is the smallest in the solar system. But the orbital eccentricity is the biggest. The season of this planet occurs due to the variations of the distance from Sun. At the time of Perihelion the strength of sunlight on the Mercury is twice that of Aphelion.

Mercury is provider of wisdom affection, harmony, charity, kindness which is the staircase of a native’s success in life. Mercury’s great phase continues for seventeen years. Budh Yantra may help in abolishing the evil effects of the planet Mercury.

Planet Budh or Mercury is responsible for communication skills, brilliance, good presence of mind, etc. People struggling for any of these skills are required to have a Budh Yantra. Budh Yantra is available in market as a gold plated form which is a picture of Budh and a 9-square filled with numbers. But, metal for Budh is not Gold but Silver and Brass. Silver is most preferred for a Budh Yantra. Also, favorite color for Mercury is Green and hence Green colored Budh Yantra should also be effective.

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