Transit Report (Gochor Phal)

Transit report or Gochar phal is one of the important dimension in Indian Vedic astrology. Transit is the current planetary positions of the planets which is same for everyone. But result of the transit varies person to person depending on the native’s birth chart. For example, if the person is born with moon in Sagittarius, then Transit of Jupiter into Jupiter will give good benefit for the entire transit. At the same time it will not be good for the person who born with Moon in Capricorn.

Jupiter being the most heaviest planet is the most influential planer for a person. Hence the transit of Jupiter is most important in one’s life. The next important planet is Saturn who stays approximately 2.5 years in one zodiac sign. Especially when Saturn transits through moonsign of the native the person faces the trouble some time named as Sadesathi. Mercury and Moon are the lightest and having low influence compared to other planets. Hence Gochar or Transit of these two planets are not given much importance and no remedy is provided.

Once Ascendant is calculated, rest of the houses on birth chart is also calculated anti-clock wise from the ascendant zodiac sign. You can calculate your ascendant or lagna here by clicking the following link in moonastro for free ...