Ketu Yantra

Ketu is an important and destructive planet. Any individual with the influence of this planet on their birth chart is bound to suffer a lot in life. The Ketu Yantra can help fight the ill effects of the influence of Ketu. The Yantra provides relief to those suffering from Ketu Dosha. The Yantra is embossed on a copper plate. Ketu Yantra may also help you get success in business.
Ketu Yantra
The planet Ketu is non existant planet so it is often referred as the shadow planet. The Yantra is used as a remedy of the planet Ketu. In case of malific Ketu in your birth chart the usage of this Yantra is suggested. It may fill your life with love, respect and friendship.

The Yantra can eradicate all negativity from your life. It can help you defeat your enemies. Success in work or any business is also achievable. It can help remove all negativity that can cause health problems. Skin diseases and surgeries can also be taken care of by this Yantra.

Ketu is the headless half planet. It governs the number seven in Indian Numerology. In the Hindu Astrology, Ketu stands for bad and good, paranormal and religious influences. Ketu related with the Meena Avatar, i.e. Fish embodiment of the lord Vishnu. Ketu indicates the religious procedure of the modification of personification to spirit. It is regarded as both benefice and malefic. It causes loss and grief. At the same time it leads the individual to become a spiritual person. So we mat say that material loss is happened in order to turn into a holy person. Ketu is a pointer of intelligence, prudence, dream, acute insight and supernatural abilities. Ketu brings wealth to devotee’s family. It eradicates the possibility of biting the snake and death due to the venom. It provides prosperity, god health and cattle to his followers. It is the owner of 3 stars i.e. Ashini, Magha and Mula. Those individuals who come under the control of Ketu may get saintly life.

At first you must follow some rules:

You must first purify your body and have a clear wit before you worship. You must select a place which is east facing, for worship. There must be no disturbance during worship. The lights of Diyas during worship are vital. You must open the Yantra and place it along with image of the deity, whom you will be worshiping. Water should be dotted over the Yantra as well as the devotee with the help of a leaf.

Place the Ketu Yantra in the East side of your house. This Yantra should be cleaned every week with rose water. Ketu helps to improve mathematical quality, political skills, reduce enemies, etc. So, Ketu Yantra will be appropriate for every one who what to grow Chanakya like political skills. Ketu Yantra is important for mathematians. Also, if you have many enemies in life place a Ketu Yantra in home. Color for Ketu is black. Hence Ketu Yanta shold be plated with Black color metal or painted with Black Color to get its gll effect. Gold plated yantra is not recommended. I personally sed one that is available in the market to improve my mathematical skill. Unfortunately, it made no effect in my skill or life either. But, it depends on the person and belief, so you can go-ahead and give a try.