Kaal Sarp Yantra

Kal Sarp dasha is very much known term now among us as a malefic dosha. This is also a type of effect that falls over people with a negative parameter in his or her birth chart. Eradication of such dosha is important for the person facing the same.

There may be a lot of negative effect during the period when the person will be facing this dosha. This Yantra has contributed in the life of many individuals who have been suffering from such a fate. An individual undergoing this yoga will be having a life filled with struggle and every type of setback life.
Kaal Sarp Yantra
The individual suffering from such conditions must perform a puja during the night of Naag Panchami.

Energizing Kaal sharp Yantra is important during Naag Panchami lagna. The whole house would then be protected from the evil effects of this Yoga. An astrological condition that rises due to the malefic effect of Rahu and ketu over the other planets is known as Kaal sharp Yoga.

If you are having a life filled with real struggle and frustration with regard to your career, the effect would be due to the influence of Kaal Sarp Yoga in your birth chart. For the eradication of the same, establishment of Kaal Sarp Yantra would be essential.

Even after a great deal of struggle, you will not be able to get success to your desired extent. Rather this situation would allow the person to achieve only modest success. But, the good news is… In most of the cases the Kaal Sarp dosha would only last for initial few years of a person’s life span. After this period, the influence of the same would decrease.

Yantra is created by man. Hence it needs to energise for instilling effectiveness and strength to advantage the owner of the yantra. Before using the yantras, a learned priest or purohit or guru energises the yantra without any additional charges. It is done by chanting mantras as sughested in the Vedas along with the Homa for the particular gods and goddesses according to the yantra. Some procedures must be followed by the inhabitant for placement of the energised yantra:

At first purify native’s body begins with a fresh and pious frame of mind. Then select the east facing floor where none will disturb the native. Then light the candle or diya with ghee. Put fresh fruits and flowers at the Lord’s Table. Now open that yantra and keep it with the picture of the lord of the particular yantra and native’s ishta devata. After that spray the water with a leaf on you and then it follows to the yantra. Then close the eyes and keep the focus on the god. The native must ask the deity to grant him his wishes.

TheBeej mantra of the Kal Sharp Yantra is “Om Hoom Joom Saha, Om Bhu Bhuvah Swaha, Om Triyambhakam Yajamahey, Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam, Uruvaru Kamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat, Om Swaha Bhuvah, Bhu Om Saha, Joom Hoom Om”.

Native born in Kaal Sarp yoga is recommended to try this Yantra once. Depending of the type of Kaal sarp yoga it lasts from 28 to 56 years and during the period Kaal Sarp Yantra may reduce the evil effect of the Dosha.

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