Mahalakshmi Kuber Yantra

We all know that MahaLakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of peace, fortune and wealth. Lord Kuber is the king who has huge treasures and also lord of Wealth.
Mahalakshmi Kuber Yantra
The Sadhak who worships Lord Kuber will be blessed with all treasures. Worship of Lord Kuber can lead to great financial gain. The Mahalakshmi Kuber Yantra may help youb gain from gambling or horse racing. Lotteries can also be won by praying to this Yantra.

The Yantra should be kept in your Puja Ghar or work place. The installation must be done on an auspicious day. If you are unaware of the rituals your must look into the guidelines before starting the process. The guidelines can help you successfully install the Yantra.

The Yantra is important for material wealth and prosperity in the life of the worshiper. It can get rid of all the misfortunes from the life of the worshiper.

It is recommended to have this yantra with pure gold plated. This Yantra also can be made out of Crystal in 3D form and can be placed in the north east side of the house. Crystal made Yantra is more effective than Gold plated one. It is the symbols which may work but not the text on the plate. Hence having multiple text content on the plate make no added value, you should get the one with no text content on the Plate or a Crystal one.

Mata Laxmi is the goddess of the Hindus. She is the devi of prosperity and wealth, good luck, and the embodiment of the loveliness. . Lord Kuber is the king who has huge treasures and also lord of Wealth. She defends all her follower from misery or any economic issues. Mata Laxmi is talented with 6 pious and divine qualities. Even she is the resource of motivation to Lord Vishnu. At the time of personification of Vishnu as Avatar Rama and Krishna, she was the company of him as Sita and Radha correspondingly. She is worshiped in Hindu home every day. The Kojagori Purnima and Diwali or Dhanteras are observed in the respect of Mata Laxmi.

Some actions have to be followed by a resident for placement of the energised yantra:

At first cleanse user’s body starts with a clean and righteous frame of mind. After that pick the east facing ground where none will trouble the native. Then light the candle or diya with ghee. Lay fresh fruits and flowers at the Lord’s Table. At this time open that yantra and keep it with the picture of the lord of the particular yantra and native’s ishta devata. After that spray the water with a leaf on inhabitant himself and then it follows to the yantra. Subsequently close the eyes and keep the focal point on the divinity. The native must ask for the deity to grant him his wishes.

Even though this Yantra is very popular as every one wants to become rich like King Kuber, but my personal observation is it made no difference in my life. This Yantra could not make me rich or even gave me little more money. I got the right Yantra and used it exactly as directed, but no result. But, it may vary person to person and believe of the person who used it.