Life Path Number 9

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Career :

You are really into deep psychology, doctors, teachers, hotel managers, lawyers or even charity or non profit work. They can be good performer or entertainers also. Some of your career goals will be like number 4. If you are trying to Defence services then with your hard work and labour you will be successful. Some other career options are interior designers, photography or healer. A new career option can be environmentalist.

Personality and Characteristics :

You have a very strong will power. In astrology number 9 signifies anger or danger however in numerology it’s just the opposite. Here it signifies humanity. They always seek the truth and sometimes it becomes annoying or even troublesome. You can be at times very sensible and go through lonesome situations. To get over it you can take up temporary hobbies like art or music. You can sometime feel different and there can be character changes due to the effects of Mars.

Finance :

Unlike your personality you will be lucky about any financial matters. But concentration is required as it cannot get lucky for all the time. As per your character you can’t be very possessive about your finances and may get toneless. You can be the perfect example of ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’, as they find very difficult to hold their savings. This can happen while you are doing public works. So disappointments can be there however you will find enthusiasm while doing them, without meddling about money.

Business :

The construction business will be the best for you. Either you will be in the architecture or builder or anything related to buildings. You can also be an agent. Another important business can be trading especially in electrical goods. Now -a -days mobile has been an integral part of our life so you can have a mobile business either manufacturing or selling which will give you success.

Love-Life :

Finding love for you can be difficult. You have to choose your partner very carefully. The most compatible partners can be 3 and 6 as they express similar things. You are very sensual but people often misunderstand you especially your partner. It is avoidable to get involved with number 1. There could be misunderstandings among you and your partner.

Marital Status :

Marital life will be fantastic as most of the passion will be from your side and you want just the basics from your better half in order to maintain peace within the family. You can be short-tempered and become dismay with every small little thing. If you are the husband born with number 9 then you will be very passionate. And if you are the wife born with number 9 then you will fight with others to guard your family.

Health :

Since you have a natural aptitude towards helping others and are self-sacrificing. You can be delicate in terms of health as you can suffer from diseases time to time. You can suffer from fever, pox, kidney issues and bronchial diseases. Apart from that you can get addicted to alcohol or drugs. Junk food or street foods should be avoided. But it is recommended to keep your diet very natural and earthy, as it would release the aggression and boost your charitable deeds.

Famous Personalities :

There are some famous personalities all around the world who shares your life path number. Here they are Elvis Presley, Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Ricky Nelson, Camilla Parker Bowles, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many more.

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