Life Path Number 6

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Career :

Number 6 will be at its best when talked about domestic matters. Your caring nature will be favoured by all in your family and at work or if you are the sole owner of your business. You can be the best teacher, housekeeper, childcare, hostess, fashion design, or even involved in charitable organisations as a part-timer.

Personality and Characteristics :

Your strengths will be caring, brave and wise as you are called to be the most domestic one among others. They don’t believe in hard work but look for their destiny and fate. But there are weaknesses also like interference in small things can become embarrassing. The women are more driven to home and love to decorate their space with care and attention. They have a negative side of their nature which can be rebellious as they want the same love and care as they give approve others. If you are left alone for some time then you can get into depression.

Finance :

You have a birth right for wealth, and hence you are always within the comfort of life. You don’t have to figure out money as it will come to you in any other way. However, you can do one’s part for your well-being. In spite of their natural wealth, they can become miser in terms of giving. So if you want any payment then they will be the worst person in the world. They can also be the most extravagant and spend money for their own expenses or for charitable deeds.

Business :

You can be a successful business owner especially family business. The types of business that you can handle with care and prosperity will be hotel business, cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, stationery etc. You can start slow but gradually with your magnetic energy you can drag customers and partners to your business. If your business is attached to your house then you can give your best.

Love-Life :

You are romantic and have the capacity to express yourself.  You are compatible with everyone but they also need love in return. You can be prone to impatience and want others to show their patience towards them. They mostly like number 2 as you are sometimes prone to self-sacrifices also. Therefore you would be the victims of being cheated. The men can become revengeful in contradiction.

Marital Status :

You always revolve around others and give care to others without any return. Thus your married life will be the most wonderful. You have a magnetic personality which will make others stick to you around. The best compatibility meter which measures your suitable numbers is with 2 or 3.

Health :

The health issues that you have to deal with are the heart and lungs, obesity, reproductive organs or lower back. Due to stress, you have to suffer from nervous and cervix issues. Self-healing or self-caring will be the best remedy for you. Building your own space like getting new hobbies or buying CD’s for workouts and keeping track of your eateries will give you a better life. You can also go for a vegan diet.

Famous Personalities :

The famous personalities with whom you share your life path are Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Richard Nixon, George W Bush, Eddie Murphy, Goldie Hawn and John Denver and many more.

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