Life Path Number 11

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Career :

The best career options for the master number 11 will be mediators, scientists, leaders, religious leaders, councillors, teachers, artists, and philosopher or even in medicine. You can be excellent public speakers and have control of many languages at the same time. You can also be an excellent philanthropist. Study says that most of the diplomats are from number 11.

Personality and Characteristics :

You can be a great visionary, sensitive and some of your characteristics can be from number 1 and 2. You have a very intuitive mind and you are one of the talented persons. You will be theological and have an immense sapient balance. You have an aura which will reflect among them who remain in contact with you and they get influenced by your presence. Yet you will not be aware of your power and remain down to earth always. It is recommended not to make any judgement about your own works and never be critical about your skills and over-analysis can be harmful to you.

Finance :

Money has less importance to you as compared to other things. You just need money to get the basic requirements. You will value life more than money as you believe that there are other things which need to be given priority than money. However, you suffer from financial stiff as you always believe in people and doesn’t concern much about your bank balance.

Business :

If you work hard then you can be a successful businessman and employees will be happy working in your organisation as managing your employees will be the best thing in your organisation. You will handle your employee's concerns can be award-winning. Since you don’t have high expectancy you will end up suffering from loss as the employees working under you can be spoilt.

Love-Life :

In terms of your love life you can become a very sensual lover and have a good sensibility for the needs of your partner. You can choose number 2 or your own life path number as the best choice for a partner who has the same vibrations as you. Others can be easily get attracted by your personality and good communication skills. Overthinking and analysing can be the greatest drawback in your love life.

Marital Status :

Your best match can be with number 4 then comes number 8 and 2. You can prove to be a good life partner as long as you have humour. But you can suffer from mood swings due to your egoistic nature and this can be the greatest disadvantage of your life.  You can be a bit slow in expressing your emotions rather than your partner and this can turn them off. You can think deeply but sometimes an over exploration can lead to evil foster.

Health :

As per your numerology you will be slow moving and need to get a boost for your self-reliance. It can lead to health problems like your nervous system can give you trouble later at an older age. But you may suffer from insomnia and sleeping disorders. You must always stay away from liquor and alcohol.

Famous Personalities :

The world famous personalities with whom you share your life path are Mozart, Allan Poe, Barak Obama, Michael Jordon, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Judi Dench, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton, Robert Downey, Jr., Emma Watson and many more. 

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