Life Path Number 2

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Career :

You can get your works done with perfection and continue doing it passionately without any kind of boredom. You may not become the best leader but people often take advice from you and seek help for their works and ideas. You will be successful with your vision for life which is more of doctors, teachers, nurses, designers, sculptors, painters, writers, counsellors, curators, lawyers, diplomats, physiotherapists and caretakers. But you can also be good politicians and business leaders also.

Personality and Characteristics :

You are obedient, reliable, persistent, and merciful and duty bound. However, you can be overly emotional to get out of embarrassing situations. You will be a mother like a figure for everybody and loves to take care of others without anything in return. You will be called as the pacificator of troubles of society. You will be acting as the middleman and are born with good qualities to adjust in situations no matter how worst it is. You make others feel safe and try to protect them from terrible circumstances.

Finance :

You can be indifferent to your financial matters, which means the people who are staying with you can be responsible for your monetary gain or wastage. However, you always respect the monetary affairs. You never measure the love and affection with money but you understand the price of every physical matter.  If there are any financial disputes in the family you will be called to settle the matter, and you will make a fair decision and everybody will be bound to listen to the judgement.

Business :

You have a very good knowledge of diplomacy and sensibility. You don’t like to work alone but always walk with others to your ideology. The businesses that you should do to succeed are food products, jewellery, and real estates. You can also have matchmaking or counselling business of your own. Social works can also be the second option for you to be successful. However, profits can be too inferior. You always do justice with people and acknowledge their rights.

Love-Life :

Sometimes you get carried away with the objections that people throw at you and you can fail to identify them. You can become sensitive due to heartbreak so it is advisable to make friends with the number like 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8. However, you will end up seeing only 6 or 8. But there are some drawbacks for you to become over lenient and your partner will be nagging.

Marital Status :

You can end up successfully with the numbers 6 and 8. Your married life will be blissful as you could easily put a stop to any kind of arguments. Your partner will become very dependent on you for every matter of life. You will not feel bad about compromising to make this relationship strive and this will keep your family connected every time.

Health :

There are high risks of eyes, heart, stomach and reproductive systems diseases, and nervous breakdowns. Being too emotional you could get stressed too easily along with the usual cough and cold or joint pains. The best treatment should be to stay in contact with people to avoid headaches and be happy.

Famous Personalities :

The famous personalities of this number are Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, Madonna, Prince Charles, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan and many others to mention.

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