Life Path Number 1

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Career :

The number representing 1 will be natural and dynamic leaders and every quality of a leader will be present in you. Whatever career path you will choose eventually you will end up becoming the leader of the group or at mass. Therefore the best career options will be politicians, business entrepreneurs, journalists, freelancers or self-employed and corporate leaders. Risk taking will become your habit and sometimes it will succeed and sometimes it will fail.

Personality and Characteristics :

You like to take charge and the responsibilities in every matter whether personal or professional. Every other people will look up to you for suggestions or with physical assistance within the family or at office and workplace. You always take the initiative to start a new project and accomplish it with your creative skills and procurement. You are a hard earner and don’t accept things which is effortless. You give attention to the laborious tasks and with full concentration and dedication along with your team accomplish it. Your motto is ‘To live and let live’. But sometimes due to your subjugate nature you are ejected out of the group believing of being self-centred and people have a practice of initiating new ventures with you and later deny of the fact.

Finance :

You are rampant in making money. You will be the self-made a person as you will attract others with your talent and make them pay for your talents without any hesitation. So you will never be afraid of monetary losses. You know that you can make it through the rough patches of your life very easily. However, you don’t like to be in luxuries and respect to keep yourself grounded.

Business :

You have the great energy to take new projects and ventures. You would use your intuitions to develop an idea and use your diligence to succeed. But there is a negative trait that you will end up opening several businesses and could be difficult to maintain in single ownership.

Love-Life :

Your partner will enjoy your company as you will always take responsibility for dates and to enhance the essence of your partnership. But you have to be careful about your love life as your partner could think that you don’t have the compromising power and arrogance along with it sometimes it could be irreparable. So it could be really very easy for you to fall in love and more difficult to sustain. The best partnerships can be formed with a number 3, 5 and 9. Above all, you will prove to be a good partner for them.

Marital Status :

You can be a father figure and always like to be the head of the family. You are naturally attracted to strength and force. If you want to get married soon then you should check your partner's life path number. It should be 2, 3 and 9. These people will make you stronger and achieve the targets of your life and will walk with you side by side.

Health :

Due to confidence your work pressure will be more, and as a result, you will frequently suffer from insomnia, blood pressure, heart ailments, shoulders and knees also. Sometimes it could affect your liver due to bad eating habits. Apart from that, you will be fit as you will follow the diet chart recommended by your dietician.

Famous Personalities :

There are famous personalities all over the world who will inspire you to become successful. Martin Luther King Jr., Leo Tolstoy, Charlie Chaplin, Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alfred Nobel,  Tom Hanks, Tiger Woods, Sean Connery, Larry King, Brad Yates, Sting, Nancy Reagan and many more.

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