Life Path Number 7

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Career :

You will face difficulties in your career due to your natural traits. However, for the best career options, it should be the teachers or professors and councillors. You often find very difficult in working on a career and try to change your career options very often. You get bored very quickly but if you befriend life with those who have life path number 4 or 8 even 1 then it could be easier for you to remain grounded. You can’t adjust with people, especially with bossy nature. You can be very intelligent and secretive. But the weakness can be of your stagnant nature.

Personality and Characteristics :

These characters can also be called as ‘the philosophers’ as they always find the truth of life and true purpose from every small little thing. They are the really inquisitive character and always search for unfamiliar things. They are very mystic and concealed. You have a god gifted accuracy and people are satisfied with you because you don’t let any work incomplete. You are a real perfectionist and want high standards of performances.

Finance :

You are again threatened with financial issues. Everything that you earned is from the hard work according to your optimism. However, if you become famous then no one can be the obstruction towards your finances. You can also get cheated and suffer from loss if not handled by your instincts.

Business :

Business can be difficult for you, as business always requires physical labour and with the spiritual thoughts you will find simple situations very hard to deal with. They can be successful in charitable trusts, curators, or education business. You would love peace and always find a way to maintain silence.

Love-Life :

The best life partner for you can be number 3 and 5. They can be just the opposite character of yours. Number 3’s can be very creative and fanciful. But slowly they become easy going and can turn themselves out as the best partner. You can sometimes blame others for the mistakes or become a scapegoat for others. They can also prove themselves the best partners if they dedicate themselves into making the partnership work for the lifetime or if they become sensitive due to any delicate personal matters they can be the worst partners.

Marital Status :

There is a bad reputation for you to get married or to stay loyal to your partner. You must avoid somebody with number 8, 5 or 1 as this could lead to an unhappy married life. However, if you go with 4 or 9 then you can grow a power pact family. Marriage can be one or more than once. But if they find the partner to be witty or down to earth then they can establish themselves in front of theirs.

Health :

This the number has many health issues like nervous issues, bad eyesight, cough and cold etc. they can suffer from various psychological issues. You must avoid any fried and spicy food. They always lead a clean life and hate any kind of untidiness. The remedies for this are enough sleep and closeness to nature.

Famous Personalities :

There are many celebrities who are born with this number like, Mel Gibson, Muhammad Ali, Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Pacino and many more.

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