Mars (Mangal)

Mars gives power to a person. It makes some one angry, gives energy to work in something with full of dedication. Strong Mars makes a person full of authority and power in a job like Army, Navy, Air Force, Police or similar positions. Mars can make a person ruler or an autocratic ruler.

Mars makes a person dominating. If one of the couple has strong Mars and another does not have, then the person with strong Mars will dominate the other. Mars makes a person live alone or self sufficient. Bad Mars in a horoscope can create problem in one’s life and can lead to separation from spouse or differences in opinions.
Mars Mangal
Mars is the reason for Mangolic Yoga for a native. If one has Mars in 1st house or 4th house or 7th house or 8th house or 12th house then Mangolic Yoga is formed. There are many cases where Mangolic yoga is cancelled fully or partially (See the Mangolic Yoga section for more detail). In this case the native is suggested to marry only Mangolic person. As Mangolic person may have anger, dominating nature and strong physical desire and hence only a Mangolic person can be proper fit. Non-mangolic partner can not met the expectation of a Mangolic spouse.

This planet is lord over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It is high in Virgo but lower in cancer. A well placed mars can cause individuals to be good leaders and not afraid to do what is right. If it is in the 3rd, 6th 10th and 11th houses, it is considers a good sign He will be exalted to a position of power over those who are plotting against him.

Mars is the 4th planet in our solar system. It is the 2nd smallest planet in our solar system. Mars is named after the Roman “God of war”. The planet Mars is known as “Red Planet” because of iron oxide wide spread on the surface of Mars and it provides a Reddish look. It is planet with thin atmosphere. Its surface is full of volcanoes, deserts, valleys. The period of rotation and the seasonal cycle of the planet Mars are similar to that of the planet Earth. The soft Borealis basin in the north hemisphere of the planet Mars is covered about 40% of planet. It has two satellites. They are Phoebes and Demos. They are small and of uneven shaped. Mars can be easily watched in naked eye from the Earth.

A pure heart will shine through and those persons who are in need will benefit. If it finds itself in the 8th or 5th houses, there will be problems for the individual.

In the body, certain parts are affected by t his planet. The person will suffer from pain in the head, loss of blood, swellings, hypertension, female problems, elevated temperature and sinus problems.

Generally, it can cause difficult child births, frequent accidents, conflicts that are hard to resolve and family problems, cuts and boils, accidents, excessive body heat, itching, piles and disease of reproductive organs including the uterus.