Telangana Holiday 2024

Telangana is a state in southern India that is home to a part of the Telugu speaking population of India. It is a culturally rich and historic state. Many festivals and celebrations occur during the year in this state. Bathukamma is the most vibrant and popularly celebrated festival in Telangana. On this day women celebrate the relationship between earth, water, and human beings with flowers grown specifically in the local regions. Vijaydashmi is also widely celebrated in Telangana. It marks the tenth day of Navratri and the death of Ravana through the hand of Lord Rama.
Another festival of this state is Bonalu which observes the worship of Goddess Mahakali. It is celebrated to thank the goddess for the fulfillment of wishes. Being a culturally diverse state, Telangana also witnesses the grand celebration of the month of Ramzan. Other major festivals in the state include Sammakka Saaraka Jaathra, Peerla Panduga, Nagoba Jatara, and many other festivals. This state is a newly formed state divided by Andhra Pradesh in 2014. Its capital is the city of Hyderabad, home to the infamous Charminar and famous for its Biryani. People in this state celebrate all the regional and national festivals with brotherhood and enthusiasm.