Puducherry Holiday 2024

Puducherry is a small union territory located in the southern part of India. Earlier a French colony, Puducherry was transferred to the Republic of India in 1954. Pongal is one of the major festivals celebrated in this region. It is a celebration of the harvest season. Pongal in Pondicherry is celebrated with grandeur and enthusiasm. Marking the start of the first day of Thai month in the Tamil Solar calendar, there are various customs and traditions that follow this festive celebration. People decorate their homes with mango leaves and offer prayers to the Sun god.
Another major celebration in Puducherry is Shivratri. It is a festival of celebration of the convergence of Shakti and Shiva. People fast and meditate on this day to offer their prayers to Shiva and Parvati. An exclusive festival of Puducherry is the mother’s birth anniversary. It is the birth anniversary of Mira Alffasa and the celebration of her contribution to the Sri Aurobindo Society. Masi Magam is another religious festival of Puducherry. Masi Magam is a festival that is majorly celebrated by Tamilians in Pondicherry. During the festive celebration, the deities are taken from the temples in and around Pondicherry to a water body for a ceremonial bath.