Magh Bihu 2024

15 January 2024
Assam    Regional holiday

Bihu is Assams dearest of festivals and the pride of the entire community. As a celebration that identifies with the spirit and integrity of the Assamese race, the enthusiasm and fervour associated with Magh Bihu have a truly infectious energy that every Assamese holds in high esteem. As a celebration that upholds the pride of the community, every Assamese waits with anticipation for their beloved festival to beckon the threshold. And though the festival of Magh Bihu is celebrated with three different interpretations, the spirit embodying the festivities remains the same. Integrity and gratitude, fostered with a spirit of oneness and brotherhood rule this traditional celebration by the Assamese race.

Magh Bihu in particular is a celebration of the bounty of natures harvest, and an ode to the continuity of existence. It is only natural that Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu, as it is commonly called, is a rich celebration of the States rich reservoir of traditional food and delicacy preparations. And while it is the spirit of bhog or feasting that rules this yearly rendezvous in the month of Magh, Bihu also necessarily has quite a few ritualistic traditions associated with it. Community feasting and community worship are both an integral part of the Bihu celebrations. The Assamese Bihu celebrations are ubiquitous with pitha- pona- laroo and a host of other delicacies. In fact, pitha is so much a unique and indispensable tradition of Bihu that Bihu and pitha are often eponymous. The whole ladle of a typical Assamese kitchen is replete references of these traditional delicacies that are the trademark of the Bihu celebrations. Magh Bihu, an auspicious harvest festival, is being celebrated in Assam. People began the day by gathering at a temple and offered prayers, recited mantras and beat up the drums. They also took a walk around the bonfire.