Kharchi Puja 2024

14 July 2024
Tripura    Regional holiday

Kharchi Puja is a festival where the 14 gods that comprise the dynastic deity of the Tripuri community are worshipped. It is celebrated in the state of Tripura in northeast India. The rituals are observed for seven days in the temple dedicated to the 14 gods is located in the states capital city of Agartala.

The festival is celebrated on the 8th day of the new moon in the month of July or August. The word ‘kharchi means ‘earth and is derived from the word ‘khya. It is also derived from the words ‘khar which means ‘sin and ‘chi which means ‘cleaning. So it is a festival where there is a ritual cleaning of the earth. This is a festival that worships the earth, along with the 14 dynastic deities, and has tribal origins. However, it is celebrated by both tribal and non-tribal communities of Tripura.

The Puja is carried out to wash out the sins and to clean the post-menstrual phase of Mother Earths menstruation. Thus the Puja is carried out for seven consecutive days. On the day of the Puja, the fourteen gods are carried to river Saidra by the members of Chantai. The gods are immersed and bathed in the holy water and are brought back to the temple. They are again placed in the temple by performing Puja, Flower offering and Vermillion. Animal sacrifice is also an important part of this festival and includes sacrificing of Goats and Pigeons. People offer sweets and sacrificial meat to the 14 gods. All the communities of Tripura participate in this festival with great enthusiasm and vigour. It is a beautiful celebration which promotes the culture of Tripura.