Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2024

24 February 2024
Himachal Pradesh,Haryana,Madhya Pradesh,Punjab    Regional holiday

Guru Ravidas Jayanti in India is celebrated as a regional festival in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Magh. Guru Ravidas was born at the end of the 14th century in the village of Seer Govardhanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was born into a Dalit family was regarded as untouchable.

Guru Ravidas was one of the first people to argue that all Indians should have basic human rights. He became an important figure in the Bhakti Movement and taught spirituality and tried to bring forward a message of equality message based on freedom from the oppression of the Indian caste system. Forty-one of his devotional songs and poems are included in the Sikh Scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib. Meera Bai, a revered figure in Hindu spiritualism is said to have considered Guru Ravidas as her spiritual Guru.

The Gurus teachings now form the basis of the Ravidassia religion. Ravidassias believe that Guru Ravidas should be treated as a saint just like the other gurus, as he lived before the first Sikh Guru and his teachings were studied by the Sikh Gurus. In recent years, this has caused conflict with Sikhs and had led to Ravidassia breaking away from the orthodox Sikh structure.

To celebrate his birth anniversary, processions carrying his portrait take place in the streets, particularly in Seer Govardhanpur, which becomes a focal point for many devotees. Sikh scriptures are recited and prayers are offered in the temples devoted to Guru Ravidas. It is a regional holiday in many parts of the country, especially in Northern India.