Brother Sister co-born Relationship Astrology

Brother Sister Relationship Astrology or The sibling relationship is the most powerful bond in one’s life and it influences our sense very strongly. It is a bond which helps as a friend without any terms of return. We can see it in every stage of our lives. Being Brother and Sister mean being for each other. Hindus are celebrating a day named “Vatri ditia”. In every year the particular day is dedicated to the brother from his sister. In this day both the sister and the brother show their respect, love and care for each other... 

Brother Sister Relationship Astrology
Indians celebrated another great day named "Raksha Bandhan". Raksha means 'to protect'. Bandhan means 'bond', which means that they will protect each other from what- ever comes in life. Each year on Rakhi day, a sister ties a Rakhi (amulet) in their brother's wrist as a protecting charm. It is an appeal to God to protect her brother and bless him for his happiness.

Though there is no such occasion for two brothers or two sisters, it is equally important Brother, Sisters. They receive gifts from God in form of blessings..

If you are unlucky, you will not be able to have any sibling or can have very bad sibling relationship. Good brother is heavenly gift whereas, bad sibling relation can make a person’s life as worst as possible. Even astrology is not considered here as a remedy, but Brother- Sister Relationship Astrology plays a great role in sibling relationship. Brother -Sister Relationship Astrology can correctly predict the relationship and it can provide an accurate remedy to this.

Brother- Sister Relationship is a relationship which is considered to be the world’s best relationship even more than from friends, companions, colleagues, peers, guide, guardians and partners. Brother Sister Relationship Astrology defines some rules as follow just to guide us learning such a great relationship.

    a) 3rd House in one’s birth chart represents younger brother or sisters. From various sample of data, if a person has strong 3rd house or strong lord, then this native is gifted with the best brother or sisters. If a person has more than one brother or sister, then next sibling is determined by 5th house and then 9th House and then onward 11th house in terms of relationship is concerned. If 3rd house is empty and is not accepted by any benefice planet, then there will be no brother or sister, unless a Brother Sister Relationship Astrology remedy is taken on this account.

    If lord of 1st house is in 3rd house or Lord of 3rd house in 1st house or in 3rd house, then very strong bond is noticed. When Mars or Jupiter belong 3rd house, it provide a strong relationship between siblings.

    b) 11th house in the birth chart represents elder brother or sisters. If one has strong 11th house or strong 11th house lord, then the native is said to be lucky with elder brother/sisters. If 11th house is accepted by Saturn, Mars or Jupiter, then there will be no elder brother in this native’s life. It also means that in this native’s life there is no person who helps in his or her crying need as a brother or sister. The person will feel alone when he or she will be in problem. This aspect of life is very important and it should go for a Brother Sister Relationship Astrology

    c) Relationship with a sibling in Brother Sister Relationship Astrology: Indian Moon Sign Based Astrology works here better than any other theory. If one’s moon sign is in 3rd, 5th, 9th or 11th house, these will be the best sibling pair according to Indian astrology. If it is in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then the relation becomes worst and they must go for a remedy. This formula works all the time. I have verified with thousands of horoscopes in my life and I found that Brother Sister Relationship Astrology always works.

    d) Western Sun Sign Brother Sister Relationship Astrology. Sun sign based astrology also provided a guideline for sibling compatibility. But from various samples I found that it is really generic and NOT much effective. But this is an easier way to calculate. There is no remedy provided in Western Sun sign based astrology. Compatibility chart of Brother Sister Relationship Astrology is as bellow for your reference:
Sun sign match

    This relationship is not given much weightage in astrology even though Brother Sister Relationship Astrology is very accurate, but indeed holds a greater importance in one’s life and hence a native should spot some light on this area.