What is Chinese Astrology ?

what is chinese astrology
What is Chinese Astrology ?
Chinese Astrology is an Ancient Astronomy based Chinese Traditional astrology which is from around the 2nd Century BC. Even though Chinese astrology is completely different in nature than Indian Vedic astrology or
Western Astrology, it is based on or inherited from the same concepts the other two mentioned astrology came from. Chinese astrology divided all human being into animals (Greek word for animals is Zodiakos) or Chinese Lunar Signs which is similar to the Zodiac in Western astrology or Sun Sign in Indian Astrology.

Jupiter travels a full circle to Sun in 12 years. Chinese astrology divided the destiny of a person into 12 Animals or Lunar signs. Jupiter moves from one to another animal every year and hence completer a circle in 12 years. Every year when Jupiter spends in one of the animal signs forms one Chinese calendar year. Twelve Chinese Lunar signs are

  • Rat : Person with Rat sign is very clever, restless and talented.
  • Ox : Person with Ox sign are peaceful, having leadership capability, trustable and can be depend upon.
  • Tiger : Person with Tiger sign can not be predicted, they show aggression in every work, they are soldier, passionate and truthful.
  • Rabbit : Person with Rabbit sign are soft spoken with always a smile on face, very intelligent, hard worker, restless, flexible and always looks for opportunities.
  • Dragon : Person with Dragon sign are gentle, superior in certain qualities, can be trusted, very brave and strong.
  • Snake : Person with Snake sign are slow and steady, educated, knowledgeable, amiable, aristocrat and always unhappy in nature.
  • Horse : Person with House sign are fun lover, light hearted, likable. They are flexible and can fit in any environment. They are energetic and loyal.
  • Sheep : Person born in Sheep sign are poor in communication, honest, weak, calm and cool hearted person. They always like to stay away from any quarrels.
  • Monkey : Person with Monkey sigh and hard workers and restless. They are smart, can think out of box and are toppers in any prestigious examinations. They are selfish and arrogant and can not be a good friend.
  • Rooster : : Person with Rooster sign are artists, mathematicians, engineers and can be trusted for any long term responsibility. They are usually from middle class and friendly.
  • Dog : Person with Dog sigh are generally wise, talented, can be trusted, amiable, calm and always like to fight in small matters.
  • Pig : Person with Pig sign are not much intelligent but they are social, trustable, peaceful, hardworking and fun loving.

  • Chinese Astrology has greater significance of five planets which corresponds to an Universal element in Chinese Astrology.
  • Earth (Saturn)
  • Water (Mercury)
  • Metal (Venus)
  • Wood (Jupiter)
  • Fire (Mars)

  • The animal signs are assigned to a person by the birth date and this represent what the fate, features, qualities of the person will be. Animal sign and Element are the two element that determines the fate of the person in Chinese astrology.

    Chinese Astrology uses the balance theory of Yin-Yang Five Elements to predict people life and destiny. Chinese Astrology revels insights into a person’s character, lifestyle and emotional makeup.

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