Astrology and Children Prospects

Today, when a child is born, the baby’s future prospect is the first thing of concerns towards the baby’s parents. Everyone starts to make plan for their children at a very young age and prepares them before hand himself. In such a scenario, if a person already knows what field of education or profession is suitable for the child and how easy or hard the education and profession will be, the parents of this child can prepare his future beforehand. Here, astrology of children prospects come in, and play a vital role in planning and foretelling a child’s future prospects.

Children Prospect Astrology
While all the 12 houses hold a special meaning with respect to a child’s future, few holds more importance than others in career and educational prospects.

These houses are the second house which governs the education related to professions. The 4th house is governing the primary education; the 5th house is governing the secondary or higher education, the 10th house which governs the occupation of the child and the 11th house which is the total gross income that the child will earn. The 2nd house in combination with the 5th house looks at the area of education. The child would take for education or career as per astrology of children prospects.

Astrology of children prospects are based upon presence of planets and their strengths in this combination to determine the heights of success that the child would receive in that field. The life of the child tends to be easy if the Sun or the lords of 9th, 2nd or 3rd house are present in this combination.

The combination of 5th house represents higher education, with 9th house, which represents foreign connections. It can lead the child to pursue further education in a foreign land.

Astrology of Children Prospects
In Astrology of children prospects, each planet holds a different meaning in respect of education and career. These meanings are as follow. Sun represents studies related to management, organization, such as event management or hotel management or, law, politics or medicine. Venus represents the studies dealing with medicine, fashion, engineering or law.

Mercury represents the studies pertaining to accounts, engineering design, information technology or creative writing as per astrology of children prospects. The Moon represents the subtle fields like babysitting, housekeeping, administrative jobs or in public relations.

In astrology of children prospects, Mars represents much bolder jobs such as in engineering, the army or entrepreneurship.

Jupiter represents the studies related to teaching, finances, human resources or even spiritual teaching. Saturn signifies industrial works like in production, in industries or as a labor. If the planets are weak, especially in their Rashis, their effects would be negative irrespective of their strength in divisional charts. Their positions during the age group of 14 to 24 become especially important as this period is the educational and career- building time period and any hindrance suggested during this time may have long term negative impacts.


There are various kinds of professions that a person could go into: - intellectual, economist, aesthetic, routine day to day jobs, mechanical, or trade and business. Which of these professions a person chooses, can be determined through the study of the positions of various planets in astrology of children prospects. For instance, the economists would have a strong Jupiter in combination with the Sun and the Mercury.

When an astrologer looks at a child’s kundli to determine his future prospects, there are a few things he would look at first and foremost. Mooltrikona, which is considered highly auspicious. As per astrology of children prospects, if lord of the 2nd, 4th or 5th house is in Mooltrikona, then it brings great results with respect to education. In astrology of children prospects, The placement of Mercury and Jupiter, which represents education and career, is also looked for first and foremost, as their presence in auspicious positions would lead to favorable results.