Astrology Remedy

Vedic Astrology is very strongly interlinked with the power of the Vedic Astrology Remedy. The importance of these remedies is documented for reference and educational purposes in Vedic Disctionary. These incredible healing tools are the gift the human kind. These will encourage the humanity to use it in order to obtain a cure from the treacherous side of life.

The span of our entire role on earth is a journey of incredible and terrible experiences. These are the result of the our Horoscope or birth chart combinations. All human life on the earth can consistently be impacted by various melefic effects planets. The range of human misfortune can be described in the lives of the wealthy and the beautiful.

A man of great wealth might not yearn for more money, but he can avoid happiness because he is unable to reproduce and experience the joy. In another part of the world one can suffer from the manglik dosha. If the is married then he/she will face marital problems. But if she is single, her plan of marriage must be postponed for a while. There are many such yoga like Gand moola yoga which can cause the death of parents in chieldhood or death of spouse in later part of life..

Astrology Remedy
These negative sequences of events have a direct correlation with one’s Karmas from current or even previous lifetimes. The power of an individual’s Vedic Horoscope is that it completely and clearly depicts the problems. With the help of this he/she is experiencing or will be experiencing. Any such problems can be the direct results of the planetary afflictions.

In order to avoid the harmful and ill circumstances there are ancient remedies which were developed by wise, experienced ancient God gifted Astrologers. These remedies can be used in order to minimize and clear the human existence from the harmful results calused by any planet.

Vedic Astrology Remedy uses specific classifications and remedies that can be recomended by experienced modern astrologers. Once the astrologer has analysed and detected the cause for the ill occurrences. They will prescribe one of the following remedies:

Astrology Remedy
Gems: Gems are remedies (Astrology Remedy) that have been utilized since ancient times in order to fight off the treacherous results caused by a strong or weak planet. Not only these are utilized as a form of armor, but also they also serve as a form of good luck by increasing the positive consequences from beneficial planets. As per belief, Gemstones are one of the or most effective remedies in Indian astrology. Every Gemstone is favored by a planet and every planet is represented by one or more gemstones.

Pujas: Praying to god and performing Puja is strongly suggested and effective as remedy in Indian Astrology. Donation is the simplest of all remedies but it is much less effective. This Astrology Remedy requires the individual to donate goods as recommended for every problems in life.
Fasting: This remedy is used for various planets. Fasting is recommended during once in a week for specific planets accompanied by pray God with mantras in order to make peace. Fasting alone will not suffice; it needs to be accompanied by another remedy.
Yantra: This is one form of remedy recommended in Astrology or in Vaastu.Yantras are recomended against all harmful impacts from the planets. In my personal experience I found Yantra are not effective enough as claimed.
Wearing Proper Colors: Wearing the proper coloured clothing is a very useful Astrology Remedy. This Astrology Remedy is especially effective during the Dasha/ Mahadosha, when the planet’s harmful effects are in full force. To reduce the negative effects of a planet in its weakness, an individual is advised to wear the colour for that specific planet in order to reap all kinds of effects.