Names and synonyms of the temple: If you want to visit a temple with superb architectural style then you must visit to Ranakpur Jain temple. People from different parts of the word have mentioned the effectiveness of its style and design with a good and sophisticated style of pilgrimage. These temples are one of five major temples of Jain community.

The temple has been built by a popular Jain Businessmen Seth Dharna Sah. Ranakpur Jain Temple This was only possible as he had taken aid of the rule of Mewar, Rana Kumbha.

Place: The location of Ranakpur Jain Temple was at Pali district of Rajasthan. The name of the temple has been due to its actual place of establishment namely Ranakpur village. People staying at the north portion of Udaipur city will be able to visit the famous temple just after visiting the place in a distance of 95 km exactly. There are a good variety of conveyance placed at Udaipur which can definitely initiate and take you to Ranakpur Jain temples. Since the temples and the location is really very famous, you don’t have to take trouble in reaching the place.

Description: The complex of temple was situated in a lonely valley which is far away from human population. This is done to preserve the temple from dust and fumes coming out from vehicles which is used by people living in the city. The light color marble is used in the entire temple. This makes the ambience really very cool even in the hot and scotching days in Rajasthan. The other temples within the complex are Amba Mata temple, Parsavananth temple, Surya temple, Chaumukhs temple etc.

The most important and scared temple within the complex is known as chaumukha temple. The term is for four faced temple which is exclusively dedicated to Lord Adinath. Individuals will be getting four different ways in order to get inside the chambers of the temple. Ranakpur Jain Temple More than 1440 marble pillars, fixed in wonderful way, support this temple. The most astonishing feature of this temple is that no 2 pillars are same in design and sculptures. It is said that it is not possible to count the pillars. Not only these pillars but also the every surface of the temple is engraved with great complexity. The dancing goddesses’ figures are engraved on these pillars beautifully. One wonderful engraving is made in a single marble where 108 heads of snakes and several tails are present. You cannot find the last part of the tails. These images are facing in all the 4 directions. The largest image is placed on the west side which is the axis of the main gate.

Interesting facts about the place: Tirthankara’s quest is an important part of each people with Jainism. The images of the temples have got various religious implications. There are five spiral elevations around copulas rise from the roof.

The pillared hall is really attractive with different spire house. There are geometrical patterns in the ceiling of temples. The master piece of architecture is none other than Ranakpur Jain Temples. Playing of flute would be another attraction of the same.