Name and synonyms of the temple: Among the most ancient temples in the world, Meenakshi temple is leading. According to the expert, Madurai is the place where the wedding ceremony of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati took place. The place is known to be really sacred and thus the Meenakshi temple is established.

“Minachchi” denotes fish eyed and is obtained from the words “Mina” which is fish and “Aksi” which is eyes. The woman goddess Meenakshi is the chief deity of the Meenakshi Temple. Meenakshi Temple Meenakshi temple has a gigantic look with its outer view. After viewing the statues laid down inside the temple, you will definitely have a view about the entire range of human emotions. The features and other important elements associated with the temple are larger than life.

Place: Meenakshi temple is located at Madurai. This is the oldest city of Tamil Nadu which has just beside Vaigai River. This city is also known as the capital of Pandayan ruler. The gorgeous temple has been built by Kulashekahara (pandayan king). Around Meenakshi temple a city in the shape of lotus has been established. The place is known for the view of divine nectar falling from Lord Shiva. The name “Madurapuri “has been established from there. This name has been changed for the convenience of the people as Madurai.

Description: The structure of Meenakshi temple is from a century between 12th to 18th. The space to establish the temple is around 258m by 241 m. Every turn of the powerful temple is exaple of superb structure. There is an interesting history behind the establishment of Meenakshi temple.

Once upon a time, a merchant of Manavur named as Dhananjaya have spend the night at Indra Vimana. After he works up in the next morning, he was stunned to visit the typical signs of worship. He told this incident to Kulasekhara and Pandya as he thought it to be the work of Devas.

Even Lord Shiva had instructed Pandya to construct the temple in their dream. It is really hard to think about the destruction of the temple in 14th century just after the invasion by Malik Kafur. Meenakshi Temple The marriage of Shiva and Parvati was the biggest event on the world as the whole world came to Madurai. Meenakshi’s brother Vishnu prepared to move from his divine residence at Vaikuntam to supervise the marriage. After their marriage, the couple ruled over the Madurai for a long duration and then supposed holy forms as Meenakshi and Sundareshwar. In the every evening, before shut doen the temple, a formal procession guide by drummers and carries the picture of Sundareshwar to Meenakshi’s seeping room for consummating the union. This wedding is celebrated yearly as Chithiraj Thiruvizha in the Madurai.

Special information about this place: You will be able to visit various monuments and temple just inside the campus of Meenakshi temple. One of them is Meenakshi Nayakkar Mandapan. This is also an adjacent temple to Astha Shakti Mandapan which consisted a hall of 42.9 m long and 33.5 m wide. The hall also has 110 stone columns which have got pictures of unusual animals.